War Changes

Hello folks,

Since the war system’s original implementation, it’s time for its first major change after observing it in action for a bit:

– It is no longer possible to try and occupy multiple territories of an enemy organization at the same time.

While it seems like a pretty simple change on its surface, let me break it down a little.

* Trying to occupy a territory is defined as the action of ordering your troops to OCCUPY LAND, and once successful, the timer that leads up to it being held on TERRITORY (it will show as Occupying).
* Once a territory is Held, you are then free to try and occupy another territory.
* Should you lose your troops in a territory and it reverts to the Repelled timer, and then you recover the territory before it times out, you are still able to try and occupy another territory in this time frame. On TERRITORY, such an occasion will be marked as being Reinforced as opposed to Occupying for clarity.
* The one territory limit applies per city, so if you are at war with multiple cities, you can try and take one territory from each one at a time.
* Neutral territories are under no such rules, as such you can try to occupy them at any time – simultaneously or not.
* In the case that your territory is already held and you declare war, the territory timers will be set to being Reinforced. As such, it is possible for the enemy to try and occupy more territory, if available.

We’ve made these changes to try and discourage heavy blitz attacks that result in very short wars by turning it into stages (each territory more or less becomes a stage of the war), and granting less opportunity to knock someone out before anyone manages to log in. There is still plenty benefit in being the aggressor though, an early territory can be quite an advantage.

If there’s any more questions, feel free to ask me. I’ll keep an eye on how things progress as usual.


Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 13th of Severin, in the year 510 MA.