Imminent Great Hunt

In a few hours at the coming Howling (see EVENTS as always for specifics), the Great Hunt shall begin!

This is a 48 hour hunting contest with credit prizes at certain points thresholds and larger credit prizes for the winners!

Ironman Mode will be returning as a Tier for this Great Hunt too!

[0;1;37mNote: orrery bonuses will not be active for this event[0m

HELP GREAT HUNT has lots of useful information on the commands and scores and effects that are in play, and the prizes are as follows:

1st: 400cr
2nd: 350cr
3rd: 300cr
4th: 250cr
5th: 200cr
6th: 150cr
7th: 100cr
8th: 100cr
9th: 50cr
10th: 50cr

NOTE: The level 1-98 tier will receive bound credits, the 99+ tier and the Ironman tier will receive unbound credits.

There are also credit prizes for meeting certain point thresholds:

100 Points = 5 Bound Credits
1000 Points = 10 Bound Credits
2500 Points = 15 Bound Credits

Happy hunting!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 14th of Severin, in the year 510 MA.