The Worldeater Saga, appendix b, pt 1

As the events that have led to the current monomachy above are stretched across ages and years alike, the Grand Library has put together the following informative timeline that you may use to reliably inform yourself and others while making decisions that may or may not lead to our mutual destruction. You may refer to our ‘events’ news posting for many of these items, though they may not be as specific depending on the author. Some ages throughout history have been skipped as there is not enough recorded knowledge to determine if they have any relevance to these topics.

Before Aetolia (per the Revelation of the Indelible):
– Varian is the Creator of a distinctly different realm, His notable creations populating a world named Azhoa.

– Varian cannot stop Himself from repeated interference within His Creation, an act that creates ripples throughout all existence.

– An entity known as Oblivion – a Creator’s opposite – advances toward these ripples, following them like waves in an ocean.

– Oblivion has but one purpose: to destroy the Creator, it’s opposite, and all of that Creator’s creations.

– Upon Oblivion’s arrival, Varian attempts to fight back to no avail.

– With a desire to live above all else, Varian consumes the entirety of His Creation before it is erased by Oblivion – Divine, mortal, plant, beast, all is devoured.

– In this time, we can make assumptions that Varian was in another universe after Azhoa and before Aetolia, due to the Revelation referring to our pantheon as a ‘tertiary’ one. Whether He was an invader or Creator, the details are yet unknown.

– Varian arrives to Aetolia, where He creates Sapience and the so-called ‘tertiary’ pantheon.

Second Immortal Epoch:
– Ankyreans form the Court of the Consortium and find themselves straying from their Divine purpose at the encouragement of Lurli, better known as Omei.

– The Court discover and experiment with leylines, alerting the Dreikathi to the presence of a land where there should be none.

– War breaks out between Sapience and Albedos.

– The God War, known as the ‘Great Theomachy’, occurs at the same time.

– Albedi and Sapience divine alike struggle for the upperhand.

– Sapience wins due to a great catalysmic event of unknown origin known only as the ‘Shattering’ upon Sapience and the ‘Heavensfire’ on Albedos. After the war, each of the Albedi were cast into Divine prisons.

– Ostensibly so that Chakrasul may live, Varian conceals knowledge of everything that came before from everyone aside from Lanos and Severn, who are each charged with protection of Sapience.

– At the urging of Lanos, Varian gave free will to the people of Sapience. Severn greatly protested this decision, beginning the divide between the Twins and the pantheon at large.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 1st of Chakros, in the year 511 MA.