The Worldeater Saga, appendix b, pt 2

Continuation of prior post.

Second Mortal Epoch(The Age of Conflict):
– Severn orchestrates the downfall of Ankyrean culture after they had discovered (again) the leylines and began to experiment upon them.

– Meanwhile the mystics of the Misty Isles have begun worshipping the seams and studying seamlore, a rudimentary and incorrect understanding of the leylines.

– Severn installs the mortal Wsalaly to monitor and control the situation upon the Isles as Guardian of the Globe.

– Severn orchestrates the Grand Artifice, emulating what Varian once enacted by wiping memories from mortal and God alike. This signifies the end of this age and the birth of the next.

Third Mortal Epoch(The Midnight Age):
– Lanos, God of Truth, sees through the curtain of lies that covers Sapience and confronts Severn over it.

– Severn frees Ohlsana from Her prison, knowing that Lanos will sacrifice Himself to reseal Her within and be unable to reveal what has transpired.

– A beast known as the Kerrithrim awakens after the Magi and Spellshapers fail a ritual. This catastrophic outcome leads to the destruction of Kelsys, an advanced underwater city and home to the Kelki.

– The Kerrithrim waylays Severn, incapacitating Him for many years upon the Plane of Shadow.

– While Severn is absent, a series of events in Ashtan surrounding the Globe of Balance and its leyline nexus alerts the Dreikathi once more of Sapience’s existence.

– The Dreikathi engage in warfare yet again upon Sapience. This ends in the great destruction of vast swathes of land in Aetolia, including the city of Ashtan that resided within the Misty Isles, as well as a disease that wrought havoc upon the populace at large and quick advancement into ylem and its uses.

Time passed and all was not well, but life continued on.

The first stirrings of an Albedi God’s release came with one known as Odravh, the Abyssal, who found Its prison weak enough to break free of. Few words were given by It before It disappeared to some greater purpose, but it was not the only such Divine to find release. Hardly 40 years later, Muadi, the Gatekeeper came and went, tending to His duties on Albedos once more after clashing with Dhar, the Underking briefly. Next came Yvalamon, fury and rage incarnate. Taking the form of a raging firestorm, It has manifested Its presence within Sapience multiple times since Its release. For now, however, It rages unchecked, last recorded as attacking Rahiela, the Plane of Fire via the sun. There are signs of the Walker being freed and meddling with mortals from various regions in abundance, however we cannot confirm these as anything more than rumor; to this end, we do not know when or how He was freed.

Then came Jox, the Serpent, His prison brought within mortal view by a traitor among the Divine of Sapience that opened the first seal. Eventually released, it slaughtered much of the population of Sapience in one foul shriek. Upon sighting the Eschaton’s moon far overhead, it released a blast of elemental energy intent on destroying it. Only by this distraction of reforming Its creation was Varian given time to reveal Himself and place back the Albedi Serpent into Its prison, subsequently creating Bamathis and establishing Him as the general to lead His Divine against the ‘invaders’. It was here that Sapience at large became aware that Varian was doing something elsewhere, His attention focused solely on that activity and unable to interfere with this Creation as He had prior.

During the encroach of Shadow, known as the Second War of Night, and its deadly effects across vast landscapes of Aetolia, Varian once more showed Himself.
– After receiving guidance from Varian’s emissary, the God of the Hunt attempted to tug the very moon from the sky.

– This act was used as a distraction for Varian to utilize with what had been taking up His attention – now revealed as the Eschaton.

– It allowed Varian’s full attention to the ailing Plane of Life, Dendara. He drew from the east and the south alike to create and shape Dia’ruis from the salvaged, still-living pieces of Dendara.

– Varian began work upon the new Lirathyar, but the Eschaton was able to usher the moon back into its proper cosmic alignment before Varian’s completion.

– The Eschaton’s hand, if it can be called as such, moved into place to squash down over the entirety that is Sapience.

– Unwilling to let the ritual be a failure and His Father’s work be in vain, Haern once more pulled the moon earthward.

– This gave enough time for Varian to finish and rise away once more, back to wherever it was He spent His time and attention engaged with this Cosmic Being.

Shadow crept further and the Dawn followed, the battle of Light and Dark playing out in a way that Aetolians had not seen before. During these events, the city of Spinesreach, ancient home of the Ankyreans, gathered (stole) ylem in mass quantities and fashioned the energy into makeshift explosive devices of world-altering variety. Our in-house scholars theorize this as the beginning of the end for whatever it was that kept Varian’s activities from mortal view, His presence now ever-present in the sky past the veil of Umbrael.

Final notes – it is clear that there were repercussions to Varian’s decision to seal away the Albedi Divine within prisons. Yet, it is shown that Varian has intervened, to some degree, to assist the people of Aetolia from falling to ruin and naught as a protective guardian. We take no sides in the overarching duel and will continue to catalogue the events. There are several questions that we cannot answer at this time, including most prominently why the answer was imprisonment of these Albedi Divine rather than Their death.

It is our suggestion that you utilize our timeline within the library and the various postings we have made over the years for more information.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 1st of Chakros, in the year 511 MA.