Templar & Revenant Updates

Much of the mirror code for Templar and Revenant has been cleaned up!

As such, you can now use the old commands again minus their new prefixes (so you can IMPALE <target> instead of BATTLEFURY IMPALE <target>).

At some point I’ll remove the prefixes all together, but I’ll give you all plenty of time to sort that out first.

Additionally I’ve managed to track down some bugs and had to make a few tweaks in the process:

– Fixed inline empowering using 15 willpower instead of the intended 5.
* EMPOWER was using the correct amount.
– Rend now uses the command RENDING <target>.
– Strike now uses the command STRIKEBASH <target>.
– Rive now uses the command RIVEBASH <target>.
– Fixed writhes not clearing quite right after they’re cured by an ability.
– Charge/Initiate can now be dodged via dodge charging.
– Fixed a few cases where messaging wasn’t respecting class.
– Cleaned up a few message typos and other minor things.
– Cleaned up a bit of messiness with empowered weapons and handing them off.