Changelog: 14th September

– Numerous shrines that were left behind within old, inaccessible areas have now been cleaned up. Please file a bug or an issue if you still have shrines that cannot be accessed.

– Updated the error message for Lifebloom when trying to cast it on cooldown.

– The timeline will now reference your character’s birthday if showing entries which happened later.

– Fixed the GUILD RANKSET command not giving people class permanence if set to rank two or higher.

– HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS has been separated into a helpfile for each specific type of item that Qeddwyn will offer.

– For the frogs among you, you can now make use of the :F emoticon to ‘croak out’. Refer to HELP EMOTICONS.

– The croak emote is now distinctly more befitting of a frog’s magnificence.

– HELP BOMBCRAFTING has been updated with a note to let you know that bombs can be used by anybody, to make this fact a little less obscure.

– Milestone for ‘Participate in a sect duel’ changed to reward 2 platinum keys instead of 1.

– Milestone for ‘Win a sect duel’ changed to reward 2 platinum keys instead of 3.

– Fixed being unable to FORGET lithograph memories if you were at maximum capacity.

– CONSIDER no longer tries to calculate your level into the mix, since the information wasn’t particularly helpful. It is now just a description based on the mobile’s level. HELP CONSIDER will show the list.

– The web API for characters no longer shows information that you cannot get through HONOURS.