A Better Gnomorrow!

Under pressure from the people of Gorshire following the mining calamities of 497, Mayor Gorbert has agreed to allow young Gnomes the chance at a life beyond the sheltered valley as adventurers in their own right.

Gnomes are now a playable race!

* You can either create a new character with the Gnome race, or reincarnate into it.

* Endgame race players may switch their heritage to Gnome for the next two weeks if they wish!

* Pavalmort in the Gorshire University offers lessons in the Gnomish language; HELP LINGUISTICS is updated to reflect this.

Whether you choose to play a Gnome loyal to Gorshire, one that is taking the newfound opportunity for freedom, or one that has dwelt outside of Lodi all their life, the newly created HELP GNOMES is the place to start!

Default statpack: Intelligent

Racial Skills:
Level 1: Lightweight
Level 25: Satiation
Level 50: Willpower Regen
Level 75: Improved Arcana

You can use RACIAL HELP to learn more about these abilities.