PvE / XP Gain Tuning

Hi folks!

We’ve just completed a bit of a pass on auditing some bashing areas and identifying issues with difficulty and also with xp gain and I have the following updates to announce:

– First up: xp gain from bashing in groups is now buffed by 30%, reduced from 50%. This was set at 50 when we fixed several bugs in the system and that rate combined with antiquated ring + full optimisation was a little too high.

– Splitting group experience by cumulative group level now caps at 120 instead of 100, to match the max level of the hunting skillset. This means that powerbashing low-level players will be slightly more difficult.

– A few afflictions have had their experience value increased (blackout, clumsiness, etc, basically high impact afflictions in PvE).

– The experience added from curable afflictions in mobile attacks has also been increased.

– Wandering berserker mobs are also now worth more experience.

– Bleeding attacks no longer generate erroneously large amounts of experience.

– The lacerations effect from mobile attacks no longer stacks.

– Hulking miscreations in the Mannaseh will no longer knock players out of the room and avian miscreations will no longer summon friends.

As always we’ll be keeping an eye on these changes going forward and making further targetted changes as necessary. We’re also still happy to accept feedback on areas (particularly newly released areas) that you feel are too easy, too difficult, or not worth spending time in.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 8th of Lanosian, in the year 508 MA.