To give light, one must first burn

Just beyond the pristine walls of Enorian’s eastern flank was a community fraught with the downtrodden suffering from a disease born from the cruel experimentation conducted by an alchemist named Jirken. Though the then self-proclaimed Beacon had eventually brought justice to the wayward scientist, the damage was already done and a disease-ridden colony was born. For many decades since, the Raim Vale stood as a glaring blemish and brought little but shame to the bastion’s promise of solace and protection from the evils of the realm.

Damonicus and the Illuminai sought to revisit the estranged colony alongside their Mandrake Researcher Coralee in hopes of developing a cure for those who had suffered so long therein. Following some tense negotiations, the Illuminai managed to convince the reluctant hospice caretaker Jehanne that a new perspective might be needed to develop a cure and to join forces. In the following two years, the Illuminai relentlessly descended into the vale to clear out the worst of the infections and bring samples to their researcher for study. Though many did their part and remained diligent in their task – chief among them were Annerissa, Damonicus, Roux, and Myrnma.

By all accounts, the Illuminai and their associates thoroughly turned over the valley and eventually drew the attention and ire of Midolo Raim, the vale’s de facto leader. Reaffirming their mission, the Illuminai explained their presence and the progress their researchers had made since involving themselves. Despite mistrust that still lingered following Jirken’s first experiment, the Illuminai managed to persevere against Midolo’s skepticism and secured a tentative armistice with the vale’s leader where the Illuminai would be required to provide the vale a cache of weapons and supplies in exchange for a temporary lease of secluded land away from prying eyes.

After a long period of testing and exhausting many samples, the Illuminai’s researchers eventually came to the conclusion that the disease was a result of a flawed manipulation of the host’s elements and that the denizens were caught in a pseudo state of metamorphosis. However, without knowing Jirken’s initial goals or precisely how the disease came to be, there was little hope in developing a proper cure without turning to unorthodox means.

Motivated partly by the desire to close the dark chapter in her familya legacy and partly by the fear of failure, Jehanne was adamantly against the idea of further experimentation. She believed that the people of the vale had suffered enough and deserved a dignified end to their suffering once and for all. She begged the Illuminai to turn away from their path and instead aid her in preparing a mass funeral rite for the inhabitants of the vale.

Coralee, however, took inspiration from Annerissa’s and Roux’s use of Spirituality in the examination of the cadavers and thought to combine science with faith in order to develop a silver-infused balm that could be administered to the populace.

Though some deliberations were made in weighing the options, the Illuminai unanimously chose to side with Coralee and take a leap of faith. The Illuminai remain secretive about what preparations were made but there have been varying reports during this time period that streams of strange light could be seen coalescing across the firmament above the Illuminai training grounds where praises to the Triad of the Host could be heard.

Shortly after the strange sightings, the Illuminai would soon return to the vale wreathed in an otherworldly shroud of ethereal flames. What transpired next remains a mystery and subject of rumor; some say the Illuminai began smiting the very denizens they sought out to save while others say it was an abomination expelled from the downtrodden’s very flesh.

Whatever the case, what is clear is that the Illuminai brought Light and Fire to the vale and ultimately emerged victorious. Although what the estranged alchemist was trying to accomplish still eludes the Illuminai, the denizens of the Vale can finally rejoice and look forward towards a brighter future in the Light bereft of disease and despair.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 8th of Lanosian, in the year 508 MA.