Presenting: Voidseer!

In a profound journey, the Sentaari Guild has ventured into the depths of a mind tormented by the horrors of the Void as a result of the Monomachy. Through this perilous delving of the psyche, they have achieved a spiritual enlightenment, harmonising the madness of the Void with inner tranquility, leading to the birth of the Voidseer class – a mirror of the Archivist class!

Part of the Sentaari Guild, the Voidseer wields the skills of Enlightenment, Cultivation, and Voidgazing. These are direct mirrors of the Archivist’s Numerology, Geometrics, and Bioessence, respectively. These skills represent the culmination of centuries of philosophical introspection, telepathic prowess, and occult practices, forging a path through the nothingness of the Void in search of Creation’s deepest mysteries.

HELP VOIDSEER, HELP ENLIGHTENMENT, HELP CULTIVATION, HELP VOIDGAZING and HELP VOIDSEER RP are now available, offering detailed insights into each skill and their unique lore.

It’s important to note that while the abilities of the Voidseer align mechanically with those of the Archivist, their thematic elements and execution are profoundly distinct.

Sentaari members who wish to embrace this new path can CLASS SELECT VOIDSEER, provided they meet the prerequisites for multiclass. The Voidseer class will also be introduced to new character creation options shortly. For the next two weeks, guilded Sentaari will also enjoy the privilege of giving out unlimited apprenticeships for the class.

Voidseer artifacts, mirroring those of the Archivist, will be made available soon:

hunt_voidseer: a withered curio
fast_bloom: mirroring fast_trace
steeled_psyche: mirroring bio_recover

As with any new class introduction, we’ve conducted extensive testing, but we encourage players to report any bugs or typos immediately through BUG or TYPO.

A special shoutout goes to Emellan in particular for the extensive work he did on designing this mirror and writing the messages for it, as well as Keroc for putting all the code together.

Enjoy, and remember these words of caution, if you stare into the Void, the Void stares back!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 21st of Lleian, in the year 0 AC.