The Executors!

Following an adventure to uncover the ancient secrets hidden within Severn’s numerous temples scattered across the lands, the Syssin have achieved a breakthrough: the reactivation of the long-forgotten Executors, lethal hunters once tasked by Severn to hunt down any Ankyreans that survived the genocidal civil war He orchestrated.

The Executor class, available within the Syssin Guild, is a mirror of the Sentinel class, boasting the skillsets of Shadowdancing, Artifice, and Subversion. These skills are direct mirrors of the Sentinel’s Dhuriv, Woodlore, and Tracking abilities, respectively.

In an effort to preserve the unique flavor and tradition of the Sentinel class, the Executors do not assemble their weapons in the same manner. Instead, Executors wield ringblades, which can be forged under AB FORGING TOOLS. Do note that like dhurives, these have fixed stats and cannot be tempered.

HELP EXECUTOR, HELP SHADOWDANCING, HELP ARTIFICE, HELP SUBVERSION, and HELP EXECUTOR RP are now accessible for all interested parties, complete with comprehensive HELP files for each skill and intriguing learning messages.

It’s important to note that, while the abilities are mechanically mirrored from Sentinel, the majority of thematic elements and execution are distinctly different. Shadowdancing and Artifice for example have entirely unique themes that set them apart from their Sentinel counterparts. You will note, however, that Subversion shares a lot of its skills with Tracking. Our reasoning here, in particular for traps, is that we didn’t think it would be healthy for the combat scene to have an entirely different set of traps in addition to the Sentinel ones. For the archery skills, we also decided it would particularly superfluous and rather forced to come up with mirrors for them.

Syssin members can CLASS SELECT EXECUTOR to pick up the class, assuming the prerequisites for multiclass have been be met. The Executor class will also soon be available for selection during new character creation. For the next two weeks, guilded Syssin will not face a limit on the total number of apprentices they can take per season.

Executor artifacts, mirroring those of the Sentinel, will be available shortly after this post:

hunt_executor: a hexagonal charm of dark, smoky quartz
ink_swell: a favoured grimoire bound in blood-spattered (mirroring animal_treats)
trap_components (Note: This artifact is not mirrored and is applicable to both Executor and Sentinel classes)

As with any new class introduction, we’ve conducted extensive testing, but we encourage players to report any bugs or typos immediately through BUG or TYPO.

Once again, big thanks to Emellan for all the writing and design, and Keroc for all the code work.

We hope you enjoy the new challenges that await with the Executor class!

Someone check in and make sure Bulrok is ok.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 21st of Lleian, in the year 0 AC.