Mining Updates!

– Minecarts now empty their ores into storage as a stack.

– I’ve gone ahead and condensed all existing ores in storage into stacks.

– You can supply an optional quantity now to MINING DEPOSIT/RETRIEVE
* MINING RETRIEVE [<amount|ALL>] <item>
* MINING DEPOSIT [<amount|ALL>] <item>

– You can now WAREHOUSE WITHDRAW anything in the warehouse, including raw resources now.
* Be careful, if you withdraw a raw resource accidentally you’ll need to ship it on a caravan again to get it back.
* i.e. make sure to use ‘ironbar’ and ‘ironore’ instead of just ‘iron’.

– I’ve increased the timer on mining collapse from five Aetolian weeks to eight weeks. While it’s cool that people found a new form of gameplay in the system by just mining out all the deposits and collapsing, we’re not prepared to balance the numbers from that style of gameplay alongside the way the system was meant to be used.
* This should make it objectively worse to use Mining in the collapse/mine deposits/repeat playstyle in terms of ore output. Before, it was only very slightly worse.
* New mines will spawn with a little bit of extra ores in their vein to make up for the extra downtime.