May 2024 promotion

Hi folks,

The year is already chugging along fast as we’re already entering into May and saying goodbye to cryptic chests.

Replacing them for this month, coffers make a return with two new varieties: chaos and chthonic! Much like our other themed coffers, you will find options for choosing either of these coffers over at

All Coffers

– Credit prizes ranging from 33 to 500
– Iron Coin prizes in batches of 25 or 50
– Artifacts ranging in value from 50-2000 credits
– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, silver chalices, morphic metal, patriotic firework displays, and a low chance at antiquated salvage.
– Compendium pages for: Bonro Sands, the Itzatl Morass, the Fengard Keep, the Teshen Undercroft, Tiyen Esityi, Kkirrrr’shi Hive, and the Maul.
– Styles for bedrock, confident, spooky and warcry, with a chance at style points to acquire most any style your heart desires.

Chaos Coffers

– Minipets: a fire imp, a runty horn demon, and a worm-like Chaos scout.
– Iterators for the [0;1;37mnew[0m CHAOTIC vox.
– Caches of relic pieces for: heraldhorn [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, racialslot1 [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, stormbinder [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, observereyes, acidbreath, bloodyfang, sensebacklash, and flair_crazed.

Chthonic Coffers

– Minipets: a squat earth elemental, a restless spectre, and a bone-wrought cat.
– Iterators for the new CHTHONIC vox.
– Caches of relic pieces for: stonebinder [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, racialslot2 [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, stormbinder [0;1;37m(NEW)[0m, observereyes, acidbreath, bloodyfang, sensebacklash, and flair_decay.

All coffers will also award one or more consumables that do not count against your value. These include, among other things, immolation bombs, siphoning devices, sets of obsidian scales, pills of omnipotence, preserved, yellowed eyes, and a [0;1;37mnew item:[0m a weathered potsherd! You can [0;1;31mCRACK[0m the [0;1;31mpotsherd[0m to respawn the area you’re in, as a one-time use version of the hunter’s knife.

There is also a global prize of 500 credits for every 500 coffers opened. There are also coffers up for sale in the milestone wares: one of each, for a gold key each!

Lastly, every Thursday this month will be a blessing day!

Explanation of new relics are:

– Once per hour, you can challenge another player to a duel.
– You can [0;1;31mBLOW HORN CHALLENGING [0m, and a Chaos herald will announce your challenge globally.
– The challenged party can [0;1;31mCHALLENGE ACCEPT[0m or [0;1;31mCHALLENGE DECLINE[0m.
– Accepting will put the two of you into a small arena to duke it out, while declining will have the Chaos herald viciously mock you.

[0;1;37mracialslot1 & racialslot2:[0m
– Grants you an extra racial skill slot.
– If you own both, you can FUSE them into racialslot_combined to upgrade their power to level 2, granting you two slots instead.
* As a bonus, you’ll gain an instant one-time +1 racial skill point for doing this.
– Note: Owning both won’t grant you two slots until you fuse them together.
– No, you cannot stack them!

– Lets you [0;1;31mRAISE SHOCKWALL [0m.
– Shockwalls drain mana from anybody that walks through them. Your electric audit will decrease the amount of drain you take.
– If you run out of mana passing through a shockwall, you’ll be stunned.
– Since it’s a wall, cannot be placed on an exit already containing another wall type.

– Unburrows a specific target in your room.
– Slightly slower than an arti shovel (3.0 neutral bal), but the target is afflicted with writhe_ropes when unburrowed.
– Syntax: [0;1;31mSTONEBIND [0m.

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 4th of Haernos, in the year 3 AC.