March in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

March has arrived, and we might find some ominous things happening in-game throughout the month, but there’s no need to worry about that when we have pots of gold making a return for our March promotion!

Pots of Gold can be obtained from the Aetolia website ( and opened for a variety of prizes. These are very similar to Cryptic Chests but with a higher minimum guaranteed value (around 21 credits vs the typical 17) and a much higher ceiling.

Within, you might find:

– Credit prizes from 21 – 500
– Ironcoin prizes from 20 – 100
– Globes of elemental energy
– Chocolate bags
– Minipet cages that open for a golden scarab beetle, a polar bear cub, a curious owlet, a flaming skull, a mischievous golden lion tamarin (NEW), or a heavy wooden chest/mimic (NEW)*
– Style scrolls for bedrock, straightforward, bombastic or defensive with a chance at style points
– Relic coffers with pieces for tentacle**, scorpiontail**, flair_drunken, sensemirror, fakeid, hunters_book or star; these all trade in for 10 credits per piece
– Crystal relic coffers (see HELP CRYSTAL RELICS); these all trade in for 30 credits per piece
– Compendium pages for Sunwash Ascent, Bakal Chasm, the Forgotten Mausoleum, the Squal, Mannaseh, or Eftehl
– Rainbow vox iterator
– Artifact discount vouchers
– Shapeshifter pelts
– Chalices of knowledge
– Artifacts valued between 50 and 2000 credits
– House deeds
– Hunting boon tokens
– Tokens of passage
– Ambience tokens
– Antiquated salvage

*The mimic has a unique interaction where you can open and close it to swap its description between ‘a ravenous mimic chest’ and its concealed form, ‘a heavy wooden chest’.
**To refresh these very old relics, I’ve introduced a new relic command that will let you choose to display relic skills on your attire, as relic skills otherwise have no physical item: RELIC ATTIRE . Set blank to remove it again. This currently only works for tentacle and scorpiontail relics available in this promo.

Each pot of gold will also award some actual gold and consumables, which includes a chance at four-leaf clovers. These clovers can have leaves ripped from them up to four times (RIP LEAF FROM CLOVER) and provide a 2% bonus critical hit chance for 6 hours!

Every 500 pots of gold opened will trigger a global bonus prize where one of the next 50 will award the lucky owner 500 bound credits!

Lastly, throughout March, logging in for one hour daily will allow you to complete a bronze milestone to find a rainbow! Once it appears, you may SEARCH FOR RAINBOW every 10 seconds to get a clue as to how close you are. Finding the rainbow will grant you a double XP bonus for one hour (note that this does not stack with chalices).

There’s also a pot of gold in the milestone wares for March!


Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 13th of Ivolnos, in the year 2 AC.