Class Refresh & Changes, part 2!

Hello folks!

As promised, here is the next part of the aforementioned changes aimed at tweaking some older & less popular classes and improving their viability.

This also includes some of the bigger background things I’ve been looking at a while regarding some of our default elixirs, defences, and enhancements.



– Renamed ‘harmony’ defence to ‘song_harmony’.
– Renamed ‘foundation’ defence to ‘song_foundation’.
– Renamed ‘hero’ defence to ‘song_hero’.
– Renamed ‘destiny’ defence to ‘song_destiny’.

– Removed Skill: Ripple.

– Tekura damage in PvE has been increased.
– Removed Skill: Cometkick.
– Removed Skill: Dodging.
– New Skill: Spinkick.
* Aiming for the torso, it deals less trauma then Sidekick but more health damage.
* This is also true for PvE, it will beat out Sidekick for damage.
– New Skill: Backfist.
* Aiming for the head, it will give the ‘turmoil’ affliction and a small amount of head trauma.
– New Skill: Thunderkick.
* If both arms are broken, this rolling kick aimed at the head will knock your opponent unconscious for 4 seconds.
* It will otherwise miss if the arms aren’t both broken.
– New Skill: Tripblock.
* If someone whom you do not have aggression on attacks you and you haven’t recently fled, you will have a chance to trip them.
* Requires both legs to be free, along with the usual requirements to activate a block.
– Evadeblock reworked:
* Now instead grants a 3% accuracy malus against those trying to target you.
* Unable to proc if you are prone in any form.
– Throatstrike now additionally causes blurry vision.
– Palmstrike reworked, now targets the torso and causes a small amount of trauma then strips levitation.
– Bladehand reworked, now causes a small amount of trauma to the arms and tries to disarm.
– Sidekick will now upset balance and equilibrium for 0.75 seconds when hitting or causing a broken torso.
– Whirlwind will now give a 1.2 second stun when hitting or causing a broken head.
– Snapkick will now give the ‘hobbled’ affliction when hitting or causing a broken leg.
– Moonkick will now give the ‘weak_grip’ affliction when hitting or causing a broken arm.
– Jumpkick no longer gains bonus stun off of the ‘collapsed_lung’ affliction, instead it does if the opponent has recently fled.

– Crush reworked:
* When used on a mind locked target, its reach expands to allies of the target in the same location.
* No longer scales proportionally to missing endurance and willpower on the target.
– Divine can now be used as part of Clairvoyance.

Templar / Revenant
– You can now unwield while Gripping, and if it is a weapon, the gripping defence is stripped.
– RELAX GRIP no longer costs balance to do.
– Blastwave / Owinta reworked:
* Now works in room on your target and sets them ablaze.
* Two handed weapons will have Blastwave strip deafness as well and deal double damage.
– Burst / Atele reworked:
* Now lasts for 30 seconds before triggering.
* Can be triggered early by making your target fall.
* Adding powers to Burst / Atele no longer resets its timer.
– Engage / Circle can now generate weapon charge when it strikes.
– Engage / Circle now has a 50% chance to stop someone leaving if the weapon is two handed.

Ascendril / Bloodborn
– Direfrost / Frostbite now requires the target to be shivering, changed from no insulation.

Sciomancer / Runecarver
– Shadowprice Chill / Spiritpact Numb now only chill for two levels if the target is not shivering, changed from having insulation.


– New Affliction: Frigid.
* Sits in between shivering and frozen on the caloric cure order.
* Causes delayed movement between locations.
* Slightly improves the RNG chance for shivering to proc to 1/4, down from 1/6.
– Frozen no longer causes delayed movement between locations or lengthens balance recovery time.
– Frozen now instead stops you from moving completely.
– You can no longer TOUCH things if you are frozen.
– Hypersomnia and addiction have had their places swapped in the cure order.
– Broken head effects reworked, it now lengthens equilibrium recovery time by 0.6 seconds.

– The ‘insulation’ defence no longer provides resistance to cold damage.
– The ‘antivenin’ defence now only provides 2% resistance to poison damage.
– The frost elixir has been replaced with the arcane elixir.
* This grants 8% resistance to fire, cold, and electric damage.
– The antivenin elixir has been replaced with the harmony elixir.
* This allows you see your target eat/drink/apply curatives, providing you are not in the same room.
* You must have recently attacked the target in order to see.
* This lasts for 6 seconds after its sipped.
* This uses a full elixir balance when sipped.
– Reverted waterbreathing defence back to having a timer and fades when out of water.
* This has no real combat implications, I just think it made exploration more fun like this.
– The caloric poultice no longer gives you the ‘insulation’ defence.

– Added the Resilience group as a selection choice for Enhancements.
* This allows you to choose from poison, psychic, or asphyxiation resistances.
– You now gain an additional enhancement point at level 90.

– Being marked as fleeing now shows on DIAGNOSE.
– Irongrip now has a 3 second balance cost to it, since it resists the ‘weak_grip’ affliction.

– Clarity no longer provides resistance to psychic damage.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 20th of Lexadian, in the year 2 AC.