Class Refresh & Changes!

Hello folks!

Today I have a variety of changes aimed at trying to close the gap between several classes to try and make the field a little more balanced. In specific, I feel like a few classes probably take a bit too long to achieve their kills so there is a mix of buffs aimed at making killing others a little more achievable by increasing lethality through mostly buffs, but also some nerfs where needed.

I plan to touch on some of the other classes too, so you can think of this as one half for now.



Archivist / Voidseer
– Ameliorate / Vitalise tick timer increased to 12 seconds, up from 10.

– Link / Synergism now transfers three quarters of damage reduced into mana damage, rather then cutting it in half.

– Tempo damage has been increased in PvE.

– Tearing damage has been increased in both PvE and PvP.
– Removed the off pipe balance restriction from Thurible.
– When Boundary is charged by a skill, it now lasts for 8 seconds, up from 5.
– Bladestorm damage has been increased a bit and now causes a small amount of bleeding.

– Unheard damage has been increased in strength.

Carnifex / Warden
– Purge / Annul now grants a 3% balance time recovery bonus for 5 seconds.
– Purge / Annul bonus speed is also increased by a further 1% for each affliction that remains after use.

Indorani / Oneiromancer
– Deathaura / Intoxication no longer needs the leeched affliction to cause afflictions.

– New Skill: Twofold / Tandem.
– New Skill: Temperance / Chalice.
* This skill will drain mana, scaling with the amount the target is bleeding.
* It can be used alongside Twofold.
– Reworked Devil / Faerie:
* Gives you a defence that speeds up your flings targeted at a player by 1 second.
* For each affliction the target has, the speed increase is -reduced- by 0.2 seconds.
* If the speed up is checked and you gain no bonus speed, the defence is then stripped.
– Chariot / Crane no longer provides any speed up to your tarot cards.
– Empress / Top can now summon those with lover’s effect, if it was given by you.

Luminary / Earthcaller
– Removed Skill: Shadow / Aftershock.
– Shine / Seismicity now delivers the afflictions from Shadow / Aftershock without needing it to be applied.

– Overwhelm / Deface no longer has any Shadow / Aftershock requirements.
– Overwhelm / Deface only gains half of the bonus damage from afflictions that don’t originate from you.
* If you reach the affliction cap of 10, then afflictions sourced from you will be counted first.

– Lateral damage in PvE has been increased.
– Vertical damage in PvE has been increased.
– Crescentcut damage in PvE has been increased.

Sciomancer / Runecarver
– When becoming voidtrapped / mystified again, the timer is now refreshed.

Shaman / Alchemist
– Haemophilia is no longer curable when you have three thorns / fragments or more.

– Stone fetish / Inhibiting compound now triggers when casting Omen and will give the ‘stoneheld’ / ‘inhibiting_aroma’ affliction.
* Provides a 40% chance to make movement fail, much like it did before.
* The affliction will last for 12 seconds, or until you manage to leave the location.

Zealot / Ravager
– Purification / Ravaging skills that cost mana will now cost health instead.


– Vomiting no longer wakes up opponents forced into sleeping.
– Masochism can now trigger while stunned, paralysed, and/or bound.
* It won’t trigger while sleeping or unconscious.
* There’s a new message that triggers to reflect the change and swaps it to cutting damage.
– Justice will now also reflect mana damage as well.

– The speed elixir now requires and uses elixir balance.

– Time sphere enchantment now applies the ‘timewarped’ affliction to affected targets.
* Effect remains the same and is attached to the affliction instead of the room.

– Body Damage enhancement increased to 12% bonus damage, up from 10%.

– Fitness continues to cure asthma, but it will give you the exhausted affliction in its place.
* This change is a little tough to understand how effective it might be, so let’s just consider it open to reversion if it doesn’t work out.

– Forcefully being put to sleep now regenerates health at a lower rate.

– Clarity can no longer be put up if you possess any affliction from the antipsychotic tree.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 3rd of Ivolnos, in the year 2 AC.