Classleads February 2024 – part 3 (end)

– [3370] New Skill: Flank.

– [3389] You can now FORGINGINSPECT to see how it was made.
* This will only work on newly forged items going forward.

Tracking / Subversion
– [3368] Lysirine / Paralytic hot burn now gives paresis, impatience, confusion, but if they have that affliction, then it is heartflutter, hallucinations, stupidity.
* This is checked for each individual affliction, and respects the above order.
* E.g., if you have paresis already, it gives heartflutter, if you have impatience already, it gives hallucinations, and so on.
– [3368] Glauxe / Choking cold burn will give allergies each tick, and if they have allergies, it will increase allergies stacks by 1.
– [3368] Harimel / Adhesive cold burn will reveal which limb the target switches their parry to.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 18th of Celes, in the year 2 AC.