June in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

June is upon us and you can expect the Year 510 celebrations to continue right along for the rest of the month; be sure to look at [0;1;37mEVENTS[0m for the remaining games – the barge will be here before long!

This month we have a few offerings for you: a salvage sale, the return of the artifact cart, and a direct lesson sale!

Every 100 credits purchased from the website will come with a piece of antiquated salvage, which is typically valued at 200 credits. These pieces may be traded to other players and used without bearing your mark, EXCEPT for purchasing the Antiquated Artifacts themselves. Once you obtain the first level, you can use any salvage you like to upgrade it.

HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS will be of interest to those who aren’t familiar with how salvage works, as well as HELP ANTIQUATED [RING/GOGGLES/GAUNTLET/CROP] for a specific breakdown of what each item does.

As for the Artifact Cart, all artifacts purchased directly through the cart have a 30% discount applied; this stacks with Iron Elite Membership for a total discount of 40%!

In addition to the large discounts, there are a number of exclusives available only through the artifact cart, including:

– Chocolates
– House deeds (these come with FIVE rooms in total and can be redeemed by e-mailing me as per HELP CASTLES)
– Fireworks
– Upgrade tokens
– Several other artifacts

Silver chalices can also be found under the ‘artifact packages’ section of the website, with an option for one chalice or a pack of five at comparable discounts to the cart.

Last up is the lesson sale! For the month of June, lessons can be purchased directly from the website at a significant bonus. Those with Iron Elite Memberships will also receive 10% bonus lessons on any lesson purchase they make!

As always, the cart, credits, and lessons can be found on the Aetolia website at www.aetolia.com/credits!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 20th of Ios, in the year 510 MA.