Classleads June 2023

Hello folks!

The wheel of time has turned, as thus it is time for the second classlead of the year!


Information for this classlead cycle:

Submissions will be open for TWO WEEKS in which you can submit THREE reports in for consideration which will be left anonymous. Once this time frame is up, there will be THREE DAYS to vote before we will start posting decisions. You can still vote early as per normal, but the extra three days will be there to avoid the feeling of late reports purposefully being submitted to be snuck through near the end.

There are no restrictions on which classes you can submit reports for! All are open, although it is unlikely you will be able to get buffs for level 200 classes.

If you’re new, continue on below for more information on classleads. If you’re old, please read HELP CLASSLEAD GUIDELINES at the very least.


What are classleads:

Classleads are a two week period that allows players to submit reports about their class (or other classes) for review by the administration. Do you believe that Teradrim should be able to fling dirt in someone’s eyes? Then this is what you’ve been waiting for!

Make sure to read through HELP CLASSLEADS to learn the commands needed to make and submit your reports, and I also highly recommend HELP CLASSLEAD GUIDELINES to help avoid common potholes when creating your submissions.

If you want to keep track of submissions and results, have a look at CONFIG CLASSLEADS and consider turning it on.
Also consider joining the Discord! On top of being a great place for report feedback before submission, each report will have a thread created about it so you can discuss it with others. See HELP DISCORD for information.

Details on submission:

* Newly created reports will be marked as anonymous, your name as a submitter will not be revealed to others.

* You may submit up to a total of three reports across the skillsets of the game to suggest combat balance adjustments, new features, or quality of life upgrades. Please note that this limit is based across all characters you own.

* Reports that are based on skills you do not possess will be much more heavily scrutinized, so make sure they are top-notch before submission.

* While you must provide reasonable solutions to your report’s problem, we may opt for a fourth solution instead based upon feedback.

* Once a report is submitted, -anyone- may vote upon its merit using the CLASSLEAD SUPPORT/REJECT commands. If you wish to support/reject a report, please provide your reasoning and make sure to point out any shortcomings or additions you feel might be necessary. You may also simply leave a comment using CLASSLEAD COMMENT , if you wish for a more neutral approach.

* Any commentary which basically boils down to ‘I agree with my bud’ or ‘This is a terrible idea’ will automatically be discarded, and will you hurt your chances at passing through reports in future rounds, perhaps even resulting in loss of ability to submit at all. If you can consistently provide level-headed thought and in depth knowledge then your opinions will be valued more highly over others, and could result in extra submissions.

* You can use REPORTS ABSTAINED and REPORTS UNCOMMENTED to find submitted reports you have not voted upon or commented.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 18th of Ios, in the year 510 MA.