Imperian and Starmourn enter Legacy Mode

Hi all,

I just wanted to post this because no doubt some of you have questions about the announcements regarding Imperian and Starmourn entering what we’re calling Legacy Mode.

We tried our best to keep those worlds going with paid staff, but ultimately there is just too little interest in them these days and they’ve been losing money for quite awhile (basically all of Starmourn’s lifetime in its case).

If you’re interested in following what Legacy mode entails, you’ll want to follow the announce boards in those games, but the only way it really affects you here in Aetolia is that:
* You can’t retire into Imperian or Starmourn any more.
* You may be seeing some players from those games retiring to join Aetolia.

Does that mean you need to worry about a similar announcement about Aetolia?
No. Aetolia has many times the players of Starmourn and Imperian combined, and makes considerably more per player too – it’s not going anywhere.

I think what we would ask is that you try to be kind to refugees from the two games who will be showing up here, and make them feel welcome in the community.

Here’s to another couple decades, at least, of Aetolia!

Sarapis/Matt Mihaly
Founder/CEO Iron Realms Entertainment

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 1st of Ios, in the year 511 MA.