City housing update

Over the years, city maps have collected a large amount of visual clutter in the form of player housing – more prominent in some cities than others. We’re introducing a set of changes today for how houses inside a city work in order to counteract this.

1) Houses inside a city no longer have directional exits, and as such no longer show up on the map.

2) To enter a city house, you must now ENTER HOUSE (for your own house) or ENTER HOUSE OF for someone else’s house. To go back to the city, you can just ENTER CITY from the house’s entrance room.

3) This means doors/keys leading into the house from the city no longer exist. You can instead gate access into your house via the following methods:
HOUSE UNLOCK Allow public access into your house.
HOUSE LOCK Restrict public access into your house.
HOUSE ALLOW Allow an individual to access your house.
HOUSE DISALLOW Revoke someone’s previously granted access.
HOUSE ALLOWED Check the names of those on your allowed list.

To ensure a smooth transition, I’ve set it up so anybody that already had a key into your house was automatically placed upon your allowed list. You’ll want to verify this when you can and remove any unexpected names. This also includes marking houses as ‘unlocked’ if they had no door or that door was unlocked.

4) Houses will now show up at the end of a room’s description (e.g. Razmael’s house is here), but only if you have verbose mode turned on. For brief mode users, it will only show up if you LOOK.

5) You can submit a custom message for this to be approved by the administration with: HOUSE FRONT SUBMIT

6) Security ministry has these new commands:
CITY HOUSES LIST View the list of houses within the city.
CITY HOUSES INFO View info on a house, including its allowed list.
CITY HOUSES SEAL Seal a house, preventing normal entry and exit.
CITY HOUSES UNSEAL Undo a sealing.

Any houses that had existing city locked doors have been automatically sealed.

7) Houses that have purchased special entrances are not applicable to the enter house/enter city commands, nor the various HOUSE commands for gating access. You can continue to use your special entrances as before with no change. Special entrance houses are also immune to sealing due to the nature of how they work – this is consistent behaviour from before this change since they were immune from city locking the door too.

8) Village and wilderness houses are currently not affected by any of these changes.

Please contact Ictinus or myself if there are any issues.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 20th of Ios, in the year 511 MA.