Imminent Auctions!

Hi folks!

About an hour from now at the howling, a round of auctions will be going live! In total there are 9 credit auctions and 6 gold auctions.

Some notes:

– The auctions will run for 10 real days.
– Any artifacts bought through auctions (including gold items) cannot be traded in or have their powers transferred.
– Credit auctions do not require you to have the credits on hand to bid.
– Gold auctions do require you to have the gold on hand to bid.
– When auctions end, we allow a week to gather the winning bid amount. Failure to meet the bid amount after this time will result in loss of character until the cost is settled.
– Bound credits CAN be used to pay for auctions.
– HELP AUCTIONS and HELP AUCTIONHOUSE both have additional details.

– Bids are final, and we will not reverse mistakes. If something is not clear about an item, you are welcome to ask me for more details prior to bidding. Please be absolutely sure before placing a bid.

Without further ado, here are the listings that will go live when the time comes. You will also now be able to see information on the lots using AUCTION INFO once they’re up.


[0;1;37mA Divinely-trained suicide mouse (power: suicide_mouse)[0m
– Dispatch this mouse to seek out someone in the same area as you, and it will quickly track them down.
– When it reaches the target, after a moment it will explode for minor fire damage and strip their shield defence if they have it, or their cloak defence if they don’t.
– The mouse has to make its way to the target, so it can be seen entering the room and such.
– The mouse cannot be used again until it resets to you after 5 minutes.
– Note that there is an area wide message when it detonates.

[0;1;37mA sanctimonious vestment (power: essence_save)[0m
– This holy vestment will prevent the death of the wearer from causing any essence loss to a Divinity they follow.
– It will will also double the efficiency of corpses used to sanctify and defile shrines.
– NOTE: this does not affect pray speed, it simply reduces the corpses required to strengthen or break the seal for sanctifying and defiling.

[0;1;37mA shroud of abnegation (power: abnegation)[0m
– While wearing this cloak, when five different people have recently attacked you (i.e when the fifth person to do so attacks you), you will automatically purge a random affliction from yourself.
– This will always cure paresis/paralysis first if you have it.
– It will not fire again until lingering hostility is reduced below this threshold.

[0;1;37mSupreme Celestine Bracers of Devastation (power: critical_chance(4))[0m
– This is a level 4 version of critical hit bracers, increasing your chance to critically strike by 8%.

[0;1;37mA Ring of Translocation (power: translocation)[0m
– This ring may be used to create a translocation portal across a given exit.
– When an individual crosses into or out of a room through that exit, they will be randomly transported to a different location within the same general area.
– This power can only be used once per hour.
– The portal remains in effect for a period of five minutes.

[0;1;37mAn Eelskin Cloak (power: eelskin)[0m
– Wearing this cloak can be truly electrifying!
– When worn about your person, any attacks that fall upon your magical shield will result in the attacker getting shocked with electrical damage equal to 15% of their maximum health before resistances.

[0;1;37mA Globe of Charged Elemental Energy[0m
– The globe of charged elemental energy functions similar to the consumable versions of the globes.
– They have one charge, but will not be destroyed on use.
– When the globe’s charge is used up, killing 5000 mobs (not including the summoned elementals) will refill the globe, allowing it to be drained again.

[0;1;37mAn agnostic weapon token[0m
– The winner of this auction will gain the ability to use a different weapon in a single class of their choice, subject to Keroc’s approval.
– For example, a bastard instead of a polearm for Carnifex, or a shortsword instead of a dagger for Syssin.
– If the class uses two weapons, we’ll allow this to double up but both weapons will have to be the same.
– The winner can choose both the class and the weapon.
– The weapon will inherit the stats of your current (at the time of purchase/setup) best weapon in that class. This cannot be updated or changed.
– The weapon does not necessarily need to already exist (e.g you may want to use a butter knife for your assassinations, a broken bottle, or even a plank of wood with a nail in it!), but it does have to make mechanical sense (i.e damage type, two hand vs one), be setting appropriate, and at least loosely fit to the class theme.
– If you have an exotic combo in mind, I recommend asking us before bidding.

[0;1;37mA Village Shop Token[0m
– Open a shop in an NPC village of your choice, subject to RP and administrative approval.
– Esterport is not a viable choice of location.
– Your taxes will be set to the village in question, and the shop will be repossessed if you default on your bills, though you will be able to reopen it should you settle your debts.
– Also requires you to remain in good standing with the village it’s located in.


[0;1;37mProtective Artifact Package[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive an amulet of protection with both the protection and magic_protection powers included.

[0;1;37mAntiquated salvage bundle[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive 5 pieces of antiquated artifact salvage (see HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS).

[0;1;37mRelic piece token[0m
– Redeem this token for any relic piece
– Artifact moulds are not included in this as an option anymore

[0;1;37mElemental globes bundle[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive 10 globes of elemental energy.
– These can be sold to other players or used yourself.
– These globes will have an extended decay time of 100 real days.

[0;1;37mHousing bundle[0m
– The winner of this auction will receive 300 room credits and their choice of any housing feature (see HELP CASTLE COMMANDS) for no extra cost!

[0;1;37mCompendium page bundle[0m
– The winner of this item can exchange it for 5 compendium pages for the area of their choice.


Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 13th of Ios, in the year 509 MA.