Identity System, Bounties, etc


Going forward, please do not file any bounties with regards to the identity systems.

Simply put, our policy is now ‘use it or lose it’ regarding identity system PK. If you don’t fight then and there at that moment, you don’t get to go around ganking people over this stuff later and you definitely do not have reasonable cause to bounty. This extends to the destruction of property, i.e trees, kidnappings, shrine destruction, and spore destruction. Please be aware that bad faith usage of this ruling as a shield (i.e trying to hide behind it when your character said or did something else antagonistic) will be heavily frowned upon.

Please understand that this is experimental and we very well might reverse this ruling, but we want to see how this works and how it influences the system going forward. These are fluid systems and we should always be willing to make adjustments accordingly to ensure players have fun – that is, after all, the point of the game!


Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 1st of Severin, in the year 1 AC.