Combat Council / Liaisons

Hi folks,

As brought up in the recent town hall, we’ve been considering a return of a combat council/liaisons system and I’m pleased to announce that we are going forward with this. If you’re uncertain of what that means, a combat council is essentially a group of players that we’ll regularly discuss issues surrounding PVP and conflict systems with, and discuss possible ideas we want to explore that might not be ready for wider consideration. The combat council is also responsible for bringing up any potential issues to the team, as their boots-on-the-ground approach helps to give us a different perspective. In essence, they are something similar to alpha/beta testers with a focus on feedback.

To that end, we’re looking for applicants to join the combat council. While this is a volunteer role without compensation, it’s a unique opportunity to help shape the combat scene. Please message me if you wish to apply, and when you do include these details:

1) Classes you have deep familiarity with.
2) One change that you would make to one of those classes.
3) One change that you would make to a class you didn’t list in 1.
4) One change that you would make to one of the myriad conflict systems we have in the game.

Candidates should be mature, level-headed players with a strong understanding of the Aetolian PVP scene. You do not have to be a top combatant, but you do have to be actively involved in the scene, whether that be sect, group combat, or otherwise.

As this is a position that puts you in a place of contact with the administrative team, we’ll only be accepting those people we have positive relations with. If you have been toxic or otherwise disparaging towards members of the team, whether that happened in private or otherwise, you need not apply.

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 17th of Severin, in the year 1 AC.