Flintbeard’s Backyard, and Ironbeard

Hi everybody,

Flintbeard’s Backyard is now open for the rest of the month, and the normal version of Flintbeard’s Lair is now closed. The entrance is at v18093 where the entrance to the Lair was, and you can enter with the command ENTER BACKYARD. Good luck with the Backyard and stay safe from snowballs!

Ironbeard is back in town and ready to deliver his giftbags!

Holly trees and mistletoe bushes will spawn randomly across the land, their locations changing every so often. You’ll need to SNAP (tree) to get a branch of holly, and PULL (bush) to obtain a sprig of mistletoe. Once you’ve obtained one of each, head down to your favourite pub or tavern so you can DECK THE HALLS and HANG MISTLETOE to decorate it in a bit of Celesmas cheer. Once done, the tavern owner will give you a platter of sausages and beer. [0;1;37mDo note that this won’t work at all pubs and taverns, you should receive a hint upon entering one if you have the quest.[0m

Throughout the day, Ironbeard will pick out people who have platters to visit. The more platters you have, the higher the chance of him visiting you is! When he chooses you to visit, he’ll hand over one of his coveted giftbags and gobbble up ALL the platters you have (he’s a hungry fellow). [0;1;37mNOTE: The platter quest can only be done once per real day![0m

Finally, for the rest of the month, the daily login bonuses will be in effect for all weekdays:
– Mondays: Double milestones!
– Tuesdays: Denizens will respawn twice as fast after being slain!
– Wednesdays: Double XP!
– Thursdays: Increased critical hits!
– Fridays: Favours for everyone!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 8th of Ios, in the year 1 AC.