Bounties, Out of City Crimes, Defiling, et al

Hi folks,

I have an update to the PK rules to announce today pertaining to bounties and out-of-city crimes. It’s long been my policy that city bounties can only be filed for city crimes that occur inside the city; the reasoning for this was to promote organic PK in the moment and let people fight it out without the tediously elongated litigation that follows with bounties after the fact.

However, with the advent of new systems allowing for conflict starters outside of cities (screm, soliads, alchemy, akkari, voidgazing, and such), I’ve decided to revise that policy.

Thus, [0;1;37myou can now file city bounties for crimes against the city that don’t occur in the city OR you can kill the people doing it in the moment. Not both. You cannot hunt them down after without a bounty.[0;37m

There’s not an exhaustive list of what counts for this but I would expect common sense to prevail. If you aren’t sure whether it counts, it probably doesn’t, so let it go.

I hope that this will solve a lot of the grey areas and bad faith cause counting surrounding stuff that happens outside of a city. I have been very lenient in most cases due to this grey area, but as of now I am going to have a very low tolerance for skirting rules, egregious cause counting, and bogus bounties. The onus is on you to ensure your cause is justifiable and that your bounties are legitimate.

Lastly, I want to clarify the following point:

If you are in a group that is defiling shrines, you are not immune from being killed after the fact even if you aren’t the one typing the command to get the defile aura. As always, I strongly advise against involving yourself in conflict scenarios if you do not want to risk being killed.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 7th of Lleian, in the year 507 MA.
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