Archer divisions

I keep getting asked questions a lot about archers, so here is the definitive list:

Archers WILL:
* Fire a volley of arrows at enemy troops who march adjacent to them.
* There is no cooldown, marching adjacent to them will trigger it.
* Fire at troops even if they are fighting a PLAYER.
* Fire at enemy troops again if they are marched adjacent to the archers once more.

Archers WONT:
* Fire at troops if they are not in FORMATION (don’t confuse this for fortified).
* Charge into the room and start a battle after firing.
* Automatically fight a division that marches into their location.
* Continue firing after the first volley, it is ONE volley and that’s it.
* Fire at troops they are not at war at (think and plan carefully about this).
* Fire at troops if they are fighting by another MOBILE or DIVISION in battle.
* Fire at troops marched into the same room as them.

Other things you need to know:
* Archers are for DEFENSIVE play mostly, but they aren’t terrible offensively. Ignore this advice at your own risk.
* The single ranged attack mechanic is automatic, you don’t have to order an attack or any other command, they just need to be in formation.
* One volley basically rolls exactly like one round of battle. Expect a similar amount of causalities.
* Blessings, captured land, and commander-present bonuses apply on the volley.
* The volley does not clear or remove a troop blessing.
* Multiple archers stacked in a same room will only let ONE DIVISION fire.
* If the are in separate rooms, multiple archer divisions can fire on a single enemy division when they are marched adjacent to them all.

* Learn to make use of ORDER REPORT STATUS. All timers and stats are there.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 7th of Chakros, in the year 508 MA.
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