This is your Vault

Bank vaults are here! A vault is item storage at your bank, where you can keep an item in exchange for a daily gold upkeep fee and they won’t decay! You will initially have 3 item slots per bank, and you can expand these slots (on a per bank basis) for credits if you so choose.

Every real life day (at the Howling), your bank account at banks’ whose vault you are using will you charge you 100 gold per item, plus an extra addon fee set by the city’s Steward. If you don’t have the money in your bank account to cover this, it’s no big deal: Your gold owed will be recorded. If you have gold owing, trying to withdraw the item will charge you all the owed gold. Gold owed will also be attempted to be paid off at each Howling, if you top off your account.

Common sense applies to what you can’t deposit at a vault, but just to be sure… You can’t deposit any item that resets, is cursed, is a NPC, is an event item, or will decay no matter where it’s stored (e.g. a buff chocolate). You also can’t deposit any item that has items inside it. No storage nesting!

Do be warned that the nature of vaults does give cities a certain degree of control over your access to those items. We will allow this within reason, but if this gets abused we will be exploring solutions.

It is a bit fun how MUDs can come full circle. Implementing this felt a bit like bringing back lockers! Next thing you know, we’ll give experience bonuses for logging off inside an inn…

Super Secret Sidenote: Tune in Friday around the Howling! We’ve been working on something big for a few months now, and while it’s a slow burn, all things start somewhere. (that’s the 20th)