Titles, Fame, and Honors

Titles are a new system to mix with our fame lines and honors. Enjoy new ways to look special!

Titles are sometimes included as part of fame, which you can receive from certain quests,
organizations or events.

Syntax: TITLES SELECT <name|NONE> [gender]

This command will allow you to select a title, which will show under your HONORS like this:

Ceraen, the Dire
<<< Pancake Master >>>

The title in question will show up in a different color depending on how rare it is. There are four
stages of rarity: Common(white), Rare(Cyan), Epic(Yellow) and Unique(Magenta). The brackets
surrounding the title will not show if you have config screenreader turned on.

If you do not want to use any title, simply select NONE. The gender is optional, and by default will
pick your character’s current gender. You can pick any gender, but it will only work for those
titles which have variants.

Use this command to list any titles you may have available to select.

Note that many fame lines do not have titles attached to them yet. We’ve set up a forum thread for
you all to post suggestions on titles that you’d like to see attached to existing fame lines here,
or edits/improvements to existing titles here: