79.1.2 Oblivion's Portent

Oblivion's Portent is a three player instanced dungeon located off the shores of the Dyisen-Ashtan Memoryscape, accessible via the ghostly ferryman at v71389.

Conjured into existence by Lexadhra, the Indelible, Portent is memory given form, much like the spectral city near which it resides. Awaiting within is the recollection of a great and terrible history, dredged from the Source of Knowledge by the Goddess once known as Niuri and gifted to Sapience upon Her rebirth.

As adventurers battle through the encounters with Oblivion's forces, the long-kept secrets of Varian, the Celestine will be unveiled, telling a chilling story of survival and betrayal that stretches as far back as the creation of another universe.