17.1.7 Lizardfolk

The lizardfolk, more commonly called Xorali, arrived in the southwest during the Second Mortal Epoch, just after the fall of the Indorani; mistaken for Ophidian servants by the neighboring Trolls of Hashan, a brutal campaign of genocide and slaughter was carried out against them, and the survivors fled southward toward the Mhojave. There, they assimilated with the prevailing culture, their drive and desire to recreate what had been destroyed proving instrumental in creating a bastion of civilization and economy in the wake of the Indorani devastation. Militant by nature, they proved more than able to resist incursion by orcs, ogres, and Indorani remnants, and even united tentatively with the Mhun. As El'Jazira faded, the village of Xoral grew, never achieving pre-Indorani levels of prosperity but certainly bringing some measure of wealth to the southwest. All other lizardfolk are derived from this same northern diaspora; and none can say for certain whether they share common roots with the Xorani or not.