Year 510 Treasure Hunt

Hi folks!

The Year 510 treasure hunt is coming up soon (see EVENTS), and I wanted to outline how the chests work again:

HELP TREASURE HUNT has all the basic details on the game format – of particular note are:

– Artifact shovels don’t give any actual bonus to digging.
– Warden/Carnifex digging won’t avail you.
– You will receive the tendonitis affliction for a short while after digging up a chest.

Note that scoured environment and similar will be able to spawn chests, but chests only spawn on the Sapience mainland.

There’ll be around 750 chests in total to find; all chests contain some gold as well as a chance at the following:

Bronze: various commodities, inks, curatives, consumables, ylem shards, and ylem amulets.

Silver: credits, minipets from a variety of sources, customisation certificates, chocolates, various consumables, and

Gold : Gold chests always contain an artifact valued anywhere from 50-2000 credits!

Platinum: There will be only one of these chests in the world, and it is guaranteed to contain a pair of atavian wings worth 2000 credits!

Good luck for later!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 18th of Arios, in the year 510 MA.