Year 510 Games Conclusion

Hey, everybody!

After a few weeks of festivities, our Year 510 games have now come to a close. Lord Sorrelion Sammonward and his barge will be arriving shortly with an awesome selection of wares and collectible goodies to celebrate the occasion! As usual, you’ll be sure to find something fun to do on his party barge and will receive tickets in exchange for participating in these awesome games. Those tickets can be used to acquire plenty of neat things this year, so we hope you have fun!

Remember that the Artisanal and Bardic contest, as well as the design contest, have yet to be judged, but submissions close upon Lord Sammonward’s arrival.

In addition, as the second Starfall was our last activity that provides points, our overall winner has been decided: congratulations to Illikaal for taking 1st place in the overall standings! EVENT RANKINGS has the full list for those interested. I hope everyone enjoyed the fun and games as much as the team enjoyed hosting all the events and putting everything together!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 10th of Khepary, in the year 510 MA.