The Worldeater Saga, Part VIII: The Underkiln

On the sixty-seventh day of the Creators’ Monomachy, the isle of Polyargos knew yet more cosmic backlash. A mass of Creation’s purest possibility formed into a spear that lanced through the center of the island, puncturing through the cavern unveiled a week prior. In the wake of this cataclysmic tide of energy, three seals revealed themselves to mortal eyes. Cracked, slick with the oleaginous residue of accumulated shadow, and possessed of scoured, rune-inscribed faces, this trio of ancient fixtures held fast to the walls overlooking the dark abyss within Polyargos’ heart. Speculation ran rampant before their forbidding faces, with many adventurers wondering about the purpose of these magical constructs.

For the next two days, myriad parties came to investigate these mysterious artifacts affixed to the wall. Among them was Afviti Kagura, her own examination done on behalf of the Argent Legion and its newly established sub-organisation, the Argent Watch. Upon inspecting the seals, it became clear to her that their magic was fading, prompting an alarmed discussion amongst those conscripted to Strife’s unerring purpose. Soon, talks turned towards what could possibly lurk behind these seals, with many agreeing that an eldritch Albedi god stirred within the throes of its captivity.

Then, upon the seventy-third day of the Creators’ Monomachy, the Underking’s attention fixated upon the seals revealed by unknown cataclysm. Manifesting before the shadow-limned face of the foremost seal, Dhar’s silent inspection brought Him from confusion to full, solemn recollection in a matter of moments – an experience that the Earthen Lord soon shared upon arriving to take a look for Himself.

Both ancient deities experienced a moment of raw enlightenment upon gazing upon this Divine handiwork, a rush of memories that indicated the truth of a bygone era. Once, when They were united as great Dhaivol, They matched ancient Lanos and Sevren’s deific might, and They had turned that immense power towards containing Seelis. Together, They cast down the incandescent Harlot and locked Her within an ancient kiln, Her flame contained by mechanisms of smothering shadow that They had wrought by Their own, unyielding hand. The Lord of War then made motions to dismiss all mortal onlookers after a brief attempted exchange with Dhar, His own presence fading away to the cue of a warhorn echoing from the depths of Strife’s fortress.

The Warlord soon sent for His foremost officers: Ireti Whirran Arcan-Tetzauh and Afviti Kagura Tsuchimiya. Upon their arrival, Strife Incarnate outlined His intention for the Legion’s next focus. Claiming that Seelis’ prison was waning in effectivity, with no possibility of restoring the containment mechanisms or its ancient enchantments, the Favoured Son instead made clear that He intended to slay the Harlot outright. Soon, Bamathis called upon Nok, His Legion’s Kobold tinkerer, who laid out the plans for siege weaponry that would be utilised in breaching the seals.

Ireti Whirran immediately mustered the Argent Watch after the end of Nok’s briefing and organised a march to the isle of Polyargos, their materials stacked atop a sturdy, lightweight cart. After a brief negotiation with Jernal, the Watch ensured safe passage of their crucial materials and struck out for the island proper, their travels taking them up the treacherous cliffs towards the volcanic mountain itself. No sooner did they begin to construct their battering rams, however, did the Eschatonic Collective descend upon them with blades drawn and spells prepared, painting the cliffs sanguine in their fervent defense of a piece of the Eschaton’s design.

Now, as tensions boil over and crimson stains Polyargan shores, a new chapter of history is writ clear…

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 23rd of Khepary, in the year 511 MA.