The Worldeater Saga, appendix g

The following is a political article circulating the streets of the Free City of Delve, provided to us by an anonymous source:

With the tragic loss of Councillor Veran Eldriss, our fair city finds itself once more seeking a brave soul to ascend to the upper echelons of governmental responsibility. It seems like it was only yesterday that we saw to the election of Rhav Maslak, our beloved retiree Captain who has more than once seen to the righteous military defence of the city. Though several names possess the weight of gossip and public respect alike, we felt it pertinent to educate the younger generations of the Free City in the reputation of these four fairly different fellows!

Our first candidate is the illustrious Tandalay, proprietor of Tandalay’s Delicatessen. Though largely known for his street food specialties, cakes, and other baked goods, the shrewd culinary mastermind has said more than once that leading a city must be no different from managing a kitchen. His publicly stated aim is to see to the enrichment of the Exchange’s flagging businesses in hopes of lifting up the downtrodden and increasing employment opportunities for those seeking a boost in their livelihoods. With an economics-focused agenda, this Caentoi cook looks to be perfectly positioned to assume some of Councillor Tirriki’s responsibilities as well as provide consultation on the cultural celebrations that the late Veran oft found himself responsible for.

All is not perfect for beloved Tandalay, however, for some feel that he has personal interest in the forefront of his mind. After all, it was only so long ago that his Delicatessen found itself closed due to violations of health standards and some less sympathetic citizens feel he seeks self-service in his electoral pursuits. Some believe he knowingly circulated poison and rotten foodstuffs throughout the city during a time of unprecedented danger, though such claims are hotly contested by his decades-long regular customers, his family, his business partners, and especially himself.


Our second candidate is the boisterous, deliciously bare-chested Tonzal of the Raging Herd. As one of the most well known war-priests of fertile Gereghond, Tonzal hopes to spread his order’s values and utilise them as his guiding light in policy decisions. This handsome stud of an Aslinn has repeatedly emphasised the value of reinforcing the hearth and home, as well as providing for budding families so that they might help bolster the city’s population, workforce, and guard force.

Speaking of guard force, the war-priest of Gereghond has stated multiple times throughout his public outreach that he aims to reinforce the Ecclesiarchy with better equipment, well-rounded training, and greater pay. His legendary prowess as a heroic tribal warrior bespeaks a possible union between him and Councillor Maslak, ensuring greater military growth in a time when Drakkenmont once more looms upon our borders! As we face menaces both native and exotic, there is no better time than now to see to securing our borders and fighting threats off of our pristine streets. With our recent surge in arrest warrants, our citizens would sleep a little better knowing a few extra spears had an eye out for menaces such as Elene Arcan.


Our third candidate is the beloved everyman, Loethan Eldriss. Recently revealed as the bastard fruit of the late Veran’s loins, Loethan grew up destitute and clawed his way to prosperity as a dock worker. Though he shares economic designs with Tandalay, this candidate hopes to lift up the common worker – those that work down at the docks and Exchange but do not own their own businesses or possess their own fortunes. Loethan’s public statements lead us to believe that he has no particular focus on worship or religion and simply wishes to carry on in his deceased father’s footsteps as a representative of the common man and a bringer of revelry and cultural celebration.

Though Loethan himself possesses a clean nose with no evident criminal record, rumours abound regarding his lineage. Some speculate upon the identity of his mother, while others feel it necessary to instead dwell upon the circumstances of his conception. As Councillor Eldriss was beloved as an honest man, it came as some shock to the Free City to know he had concealed a son from us for many years. Moreover, as word circulates upon the street of a deadly cult of assassins seeking to avenge downtrodden bastard children, many citizens have formed their own opinion on the matter of Veran’s demise and Loethan’s wealthy detractors have been heard claiming he had a hand in own father’s downfall.


Our final candidate is the illustrious Scrivener Talas, a common face within the Academy and the Pious Ward. A noted theologian and scholar, Talas desires to uplift the Free City with a greater focus on sciences, education, philosophy, and an open exchange for information with our distant fellows upon the continent of Sapience. His recent involvement in the translation of the Mysterium Eschatonica to Sapience’s common script has drawn some ire from minds far less open, however, and reports claim he has evacuated the Pious Ward multiple times amidst his work due to threats of fire, planted explosive, poisoned dagger, and just sheer violent intent aimed at him in hopes of silencing his desperate outreach.

In his public statements, Talas has made it clear he believes that our fair city is best served cooperating with city-states who wish to see Drakkenmont’s efforts stymied. However, his detractors believe that his concessions will cost the Free City a valuable negotiating position some time in the future. Furthermore, many reserved and conservative citizens feel that his focus upon spreading belief and understanding in Sapience is a doomed cause, citing the horrors of the Dockland Clinic Massacre only so few years ago as a primary motivator for him to cease his efforts.

[The article soon spirals off into more speculative gossip and political rumour mongering.]

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 10th of Variach, in the year 512 MA.