The Runecarver Class!

Following the arrival of Senvet from the Jalaja region of Albedos and the spiritual journey that ensued, the Runecarver class is now available within the Shamans Guild!

With the skills of Runecarving, Malediction, and Sporulation, this class draws much of its power from the Dia’ruian guardians – both familiar and newly discovered – to strike down its foes with dark hexes while dutifully tending the growth of their foul morass of spores to do their bidding.

Runecarver is a mirror of the Sciomancer class and its skills translate in the following ways:

Malediction – Sciomancer

Sporulation – Gravitation

Runecarving – Sorcery

For now, Senvet at v43782 is the only denizen able to teach the skills, but as always, learning from players is unrestricted.

[0;1;37mHELP RUNECARVER RP[0m is available for your perusal, as are HELP files for each of the three skills, and learning messages which may be of interest!

While all the abilities are mechanical mirrors of Sciomancer, the themes are entirely distinct. Runecarver heavily leans into the darker aspects of nature and the less than savoury powers lurking in the heart of the wilds.

Any guilded Shaman is able to [0;1;37mCLASS SELECT RUNECARVER[0m if they meet the requirements for multiclass, and Runecarver will soon be available in new character creation. For the next two weeks, guilded Shamans will have no limit on total apprentices per season.

As well as fast_aegis translating over, you can also obtain the hunt_runecarver(1-3) power in the form of a hand-carved runic fetish!

As always, while we’ve done a lot of testing behind the scenes, please report any bugs or typos right away through BUG or TYPO respectively.

Once again I’d like to give an enormous amouunt of credit to Emellan for working so hard on the class concepts and the skill messages. Direct your esteems to them!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 20th of Lanosian, in the year 508 MA.