The Enmity of Scolrys, Part XII: The Ravages of Chaos

Towards the middle of Severin, the Hammer of Dawn began to hear troubling rumours of cloaked figures and arguments held in kitchens within guildhalls. Though they initially found no evidence to support either, the city elevated their security measures to a critical state and barred access to the halls and sensitive places, as well as posted guards in high-traffic areas. Immensely suspicious of any that could harm the Hammer’s many citizens, the Light’s sworn adventurers scoured the city and interrogated every individual who could be responsible for the gossip and rumours.

As the gossip continued to spread, one particular note struck with Vanguard Inthirath Karthi: an argument that loudly took place between Freydha Shipbreaker and her son, Qepim Shipbreaker. No one knew the exact details, and Freydha refused any comment, opting to cry into the food she prepared for the Illuminai. A guard stationed to protect the woman spoke to the Vanguard and revealed hea heard the argument, but not enough to speak to the exact details. He reported seeing Qepim running from the guildhall carrying a bag of personal belongings and running from the city as fast as his legs could carry him.

That same week, the cultists of Lanu Du staked their claim. A lone cultist snuck through the city’s streets and ascended the steps of Enorian’s beloved temple before erecting a shrine to his maddened deity. Crying out in praise for the Faceless One, the cultist opened his veins and sanctified the altar with his life’s blood, his existence extinguished as a show of his dark devotion. The city swiftly gathered before the Grand Flame and instrumented the destruction of the shrine even as Grand Crusader Silverain questioned the guards as to how they could allow something so brazen to occur right beneath their noses. The sheepish protectors admitted to believing the cultist was merely a hooded pilgrim and had not thought to stop him until it was too late, further incensing not only the Akkari’s trusted leader but many other citizens gathered.

Their anger, however, was not to be. Soon, a scream rang out from the Illuminai’s halls, followed by a gibbering message from a guard who had seen Freydha collapse into a suddenly catatonic state. Unwilling to leave her on the floor of the kitchen, the guard swiftly carried her to the city’s infirmary, where the Illuminai began to enact ancient healing magic gifted to them by the Triad during the tumultuous times of Delve’s plagues, famines, and warfare. At the very same moment, Nianvi and Iernos spoke to the Templar and Ascendril respectively and outlined plans to employ similar spellcraft to protect the city from the incursions of Chaos and insanity.

United as one, the city formulated a plan for the city’s protection – and that plan settled into place not a moment too soon, for the Hammer soon found itself beset by wave upon wave of terrifying Chaos spawn. Though brave adventurers struck them down in droves, they arose each time and reformed as threats anew, their lives only quelled in truth by the eradicating strikes of the Templar Knights and the arcane networks of Ascendril crystalism.

Even as the city toiled away for sake of Freydha and the free peoples of the Dawn, a previously oppressed society sought vengeance…

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 4th of Omeian, in the year 3 AC.