The Enmity of Scolrys, Part III: Negotiation

Early in the month of Haernos, as the city-states of Sapience bloodied the earth with their warfare, Varach Scolrys emerged from the Deepest City once more.

Manifesting again as a foul wind, the ancient necromancer set a course for the Dragon of the North with negotiation and diplomacy in mind. After converging upon the outer gate, the stout sorcerer swiftly set about business after delighting in the torment of Legyn, one of Lady Chakrasul’s representatives. The Regent and Viceroys led Qor Qogol’s delegate to a clandestine meeting room, where they established the details of a wartime alliance throughout a lengthy conversation regarding Scolrys and Qor Qogol’s goals.

Though he began by explaining that the Deepest City recognised the predicament Spinesreach now found itself in, Varach Scolrys went on to promise some degree of repayment for the Dragon’s aid. In exchange for repossession of the Demon Blade, the necromancer promised that his magic could transport the dangerous wreck back into Spinesreach’s custody for further research and understanding. The two city-states found common ground with regards to the threat posed by the demon known as Ruin and Scolrys assured the gathered Viceroys that the secrets of the Fabricators would provide a fascinating new field of study for them. With the promise of lost knowledge on the horizon and a mutual arrangement to further individual interests together, Spinesreach’s leaders discussed amongst themselves the benefits even as they questioned Qor Qogol’s representative further.

Varach Scolrys revealed that when the Hlugna forged the Demon Blade, they ensured their civilisation’s safety even should it fall into the wrong hands. By implementing a vulnerability into its design, the master craftsmen of eld left behind a way to quell the ravenous sorcery within the artefact. The necromancer admitted then that tremendous power would be necessary to nullify the weapon’s protective properties and soothe the infernal sentience within, which would necessitate a ritual of High Endorone. In exchange for the city’s aid in this, he assured them that they were welcome to retain the arcane formulae for future use. Though Spinesreach showed casual agreement to this fact, Varach pressed them again to be sure.

When the Regent inquired regarding the nature of this ritual, the Court Mage of Qor Qogol bluntly admitted that its magic would involve beckoning the gaze of the Faceless One known alternatively as Lanu Du.

Though this knowledge gave Regent Virelen cause to reconsider, the rest of the gathered leaders commented on their agreement without a moment of hesitation. Scolrys welcomed several mundane questions after plotting the logistics of war and making promises of support in the coming battles, though none of them managed to hold his attention for long before he dispersed into noxious fumes.

Later in the week, the Amethyst Throne issued a war declaration of their own after witnessing what they believed to be a betrayal of relations betwixt Spinesreach and Djeir. In addition to this declaration of hostility for Deeps and Dragon alike, the Empress Malieh Garilicci decreed that Elene Arcan would henceforth be considered naught but a commoner and ordered the burning of her estate. In addition to the conflagration outside the Noble Quarter, imperial vassals set fire to three additional homes titled to the Viceroy’s Spirean compatriots. After exacting their vengeance, the Undercity set about preparing to defend their rightful claim to their home and weather the storm of Qor Qogol’s hostilities.

As the Court Mage prepared for an act of grand sorcery, his minions toiled ceaselessly in the name of the Hlugna…

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 24th of Haernos, in the year 2 AC.