The Duel – plus something new!

Drums thunder, trumpets sound,
The Duel awaits, bold hearts rise
Glory calls aloud.

The Duel is a double elimination tournament to be held in Esterport this weekend, the perfect opportunity to show off your hard work and theory crafting to the spectators of Sapience! Will you be crowned the Champion?

If you’ve never joined one before or haven’t heard of it before now, HELP THE DUEL will tell you what you need to know.

Prizes include fame, credits, and the Rapier of the Master Duelist per normal, however…

NEW: All participants will receive a class figurine, a new line of figurines that will only be obtainable by participating in the Duel. Collect them all over time and show them off to your friends! The first one will be the Ascendril class – chosen due to its impending rework.

In addition, all entrants will be added into a raffle to win a prize at the conclusion of the event, win or lose!

The specific time and date for the event can be found via EVENT INFO 780. Make sure you have set up CONFIG TIMEZONE for your local time.

See you there!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 21st of Lleian, in the year 4 AC.