The Bonro Sands!

Following the battle with Polemarch Andalso, the road north of Cragfoot has been cleared of all the bodies and rubble left behind, and as such…

Unleashed upon the world today is the region of Bonro Sands, also known as the Red Quarter. Bonro consists of some 18 fully realised areas, comprised of around 1200 rooms featuring something in the range of 70 new quests as well as a slew of new hunting opportunities, shops, crafting materials, trinkets, and more.

This is one of the biggest content releases Aetolia has ever had and you’ll find that Bonro goes above and beyond what you can expect from the typical questing and adventuring experience – with interconnected storylines, memorable characters, and countless points of interest to keep you entertained. You’ll need to spend a lot of time there (and come back often, as many things change with the times!) if you hope to see and do everything the region has to offer!

You can access the Red Quarter via the road at v76316, where you’ll eventually emerge upon the sprawling desert that is the region’s namesake. From there you’ll be able to gain entry to the rest of the areas as outlined in [0;1;37mHELP 31[0m.

This project was originally conceived all the way back in the early 2010s during the Galleus Era but it’s only in 2023 that the Red Quarter really took shape and came together as a cohesive region. I’d like to thank our mortal builders for toiling away at fixing up and polishing hundreds of rooms, creating dozens of NPCs, and making countless items for the shops and questing.

That said, this project would likely have never seen the light of day without one particularly enterprising Celani, so I’d also like to offer some recognition to Watson for putting his heart and soul into this massively ambitious task over the last nine months or so. Please direct your esteems his way because he deserves all your praise and then some – he’s put an exceptional amount of effort into bringing this together and we’re all immensely grateful for it.

As always, please be sure to report any bugs, typos, or irregularities right away with as much detail as possible.


PS: There are also some new fame lines but they won’t be found easily!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 13th of Ios, in the year 513 MA.