Survival of the Spook!

Hello folks,

This weekend we’ll be hosting the yearly SpOoKy SuRvIvOr games, where upon hordes of terrifying creatures will descend upon you in a ravenous pile of claws and magic.

As I’m feeling the vibes, we’ll be hosting two Survivor games, with both the Halloween theme and the Terror theme.

The Halloween theme will be ran at the Nightmare difficulty, and winner(s) will receive glowing essence to spend at the Haunted House AND will receive the Nightmare difficulty completionist fame line!

The Terror theme will be ran with the Endless difficulty, so only one person can win. The winner will receive the rare ‘jackoblade’ artifact, which is a scimitar with the power to turn heads into pumpkins should you BEHEAD your foe with this weapon.

For more details on the Survivor game, you can read about it in HELP SURVIVOR. You can find the specific time for the events under EVENT INFO 614.

P.S.: The creature from the final wave in a Survivor game are now always marked as a boss and gain all the benefits of being one. Beware!

See you there!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 21st of Severin, in the year 513 MA.