Qor Qogol, the Deepest City

An anthropological expedition from the Grand Library went awry after the team accidentally triggered an arcane trap left behind in the city’s palace, presumably by Varach Scolrys. Activating a relic of Chaos, its energies brought a swift end to the Grand Library’s party, and its energies spilled out into the city streets, drawing forth memories from the ancient bones to animate the lost Hlugnic people. Only Rysim, an anthropological librarian survived from the party, and can be found near the entrance to the city, faithfully carrying out his duties.

With around nineteen quests to complete, two fame lines, a new milestone boss, unique weapons, and a shop filled with things such as beetles, flairs and loads more, there’s a significant amount of content to discover within the deepest depths of Qor Qogol!

Big thanks go to Watson in particular for managing this project and doing almost all of the quests, and a huge thanks is also owed to our fabulous mortal builder team that created all the rooms, NPCs, and items you’ll find throughout the area!

Hope you enjoy exploring the new content!

P.S. To get you started, there is one particularly long quest that will gate access to most of the other quests. Good luck!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 1st of Dharos, in the year 5 AC.