July Promotion

Hi folks!

As a reminder, the salvage sale has been extended until 7th July – every 100 credits purchase on the website will get you a piece of salvage. Perfect time to buy in for the new antiquated sceptre!

For the entirety of July, Cryptic Chests are returning to the website (www.aetolia.com/credits) under ‘artifact packages’!

Opening a chest will award one or more prizes from a wide selection as outlined below.

Every 500 Cryptic Chests opened will trigger a global prize where one of the next 50 to be opened will contain a bonus of 500 credits on top of the other prizes!

Here’s what you might find inside:

– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, fireworks, customisation certificates, iron coins, morphic metal, ambience tokens, styles and a low chance at salvage.

– Style selection for this month includes leaping, crafters, phasic and friendly, with a chance at receiving a style point to spend at the shop.
[0;1;37m* Note[0m that in addition to this, we’ve completed updating styles for Indorani Decay/Oneiromancer Starlight thanks to our fabulous builders, and there’s a wide selection available.

– Credit prizes ranging from 18 – 250.

– Various artifacts valued between 50 and 2000 credits.

– Minipets from a selection of: a brown-furred capybara, a fluffy gosling, a speckled locust, an animated hemlock shrub, a writhing amphisbaena, and [0;1;33m(NEW!)[0m a spiky echidna puggle,

– The pantheon relics make a return with coffers containing their pieces found inside the chests. Each pantheon relic piece trades in for 30 credits. [0;1;37mThere are three new relics added to the pantheon collection this month:[0m
[0;1;37mpantheon_celezor: a castigating eye of the Righteous Accord[0m
When you SEARCH and reveal an adventurer, the balance cost of using search is halved, and the revealed person is knocked off balance for a second.

[0;1;37mpantheon_arvelis: a shadowed coin bearing a jackal’s head[0m
When you flip this coin, you have a chance to recover your endurance and willpower. Each successful flip recovers a small amount of endurance and willpower, increasing with consecutive successful flips (500 * success streak). However, losing a flip subtracts the total amount recovered thus far, and resets the streak.

[0;1;37mpantheon_euthymius: a banner of resolute challenge[0m
You can PLANT the BANNER in certain areas that have elite spawns (Tcanna, Torturer’s Caverns, Drakuum and Bonro Sands). Whenever a NPC from that area that the banner is planted in dies, the banner will very slowly gain charge. When the banner is fully charged, you can RAISE it to rally the spirits of the denizens in the area, summoning forth an elite.

– Compendium pages for: Drakuum, the Dramedo Warrens, the Forgotten Dome, a dimly lit subterranean river, a volcano, and the Den of Shadows.

In addition to these, you will always receive a filler prize (grimstim pills, various consumables, omnipotence pills, herbal jars, etc). These do not count towards your chest’s value.

You can also find a chest in the milestone shop for July – 1 gold key as always!

Lastly, it’s been a while since the last one, so keep your eyes out later this month for the return of the [0;1;37mIron Epicurean[0m contest!


Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 20th of Severin, in the year 5 AC.