October in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

2023 marches on and as September comes to an end, we say goodbye to chests and salvage. The Monomachy rages on, however, and you can expect another month of excitement throughout October as the Dramlai Siege arc sets the stage for [redacted] and Aetolia’s birthday looms just around the corner!

As for the promotion, we are bringing back elemental coffers for October, this time in [0;1;37mAir[0m and [0;1;37mEarth[0m flavours. Most notably, based on your feedback from the last coffers promotion, we’ve reduced the cost per coffer by around [0;1;37m20%[0m. You will find options for choosing either of these coffers over at www.aetolia.com/credits.

Here is what you’ll find inside these elemental treasure chests:

Credit prizes ranging from 26 to 500
Iron Coin prizes in batches of 25 or 50
Artifacts ranging in value from 50-2000 credits
Chocolate bags, elemental globes, silver chalices, morphic metal, patriotic firework displays, and a low chance at antiquated salvage
Compendium pages for: Asper, the basilisk lair, the Clawhook Range, Dovan Hollow, the Underbelly, Eftehl island, and Mejev Nider Nesve wo Ti, Matati wo Eja sota Aran wo Aransa
Style points to acquire most any style your heart desires
Transmute beetle vouchers which can be used to purchase elemental-themed armour transmutations at v1180

Air Coffers

Four new minipets: a squall python hatchling, a tempestuous vulture chick, a skysilver steed impelled by elemental air, a fluffy tiger spun from cloudstuff
Caches of relic pieces for: compass, mistjar, stormhorn, airshroud, and the new phyl_tempestuous, flair_tempestuous, and chrys_tempestuous relics!
Tempestuous vox iterators

Earth Coffers

Four new minipets: a tiny, rock-ribbed snakelet, a flinty baby roc, a little golem of earth and unrefined ore, and a fat puppy covered in mud.
Caches of relic pieces for: rubble, ilmenitebracer, dowsingrod, earthshroud, and the new phyl_tectonic, flair_tectonic, and chrys_tectonic relics!
Tectonic vox iterators

~ ~ ~

All coffers will also award one or more consumables that do not count against your value. These include, among other things, immolation bombs, siphoning devices, sets of obsidian scales, pills of omnipotence, and the commonly sought after preserved, yellowed eyes!

Relic caches will open for either one or two pieces depending on the piece value. There is also now a global prize of 500 credits for every 500 elemental coffers opened. Last but not least, there are also coffers up for sale in the milestone wares: one of each, for a gold key each!

~ ~ ~

In addition to coffers, throughout October we’ll be trying out something new with the featured artifacts at the top of AP LIST. Each day (this resets at Howling), two random artifacts will be selected as featured, and for 24 hours they’ll be on sale in game for a discount between 5 and 10 percent. This discount is random but weighted in favour towards the 10% discount, and tradein values will reflect the reduced cost.

Check out [0;1;37mAP LIST[0m for today’s discounts!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 2nd of Lanosian, in the year 512 MA.