November 2023 auctions

Hi folks!

Shortly after this post, a round of auctions will be going live! In total there are 8 credit auctions, 6 iron coin auctions and 6 gold auctions.

Some notes:

– The auctions will run for 10 real days.
– Any artifacts bought through auctions (including gold items) cannot be traded in or have their powers transferred.
– Credit and iron coin auctions do not require you to have the credits/iron coins on hand to bid.
– Gold auctions do require you to have the gold on hand to bid.
– When auctions end, we allow a week to gather the winning bid amount. Failure to meet the bid amount after this time will result in loss of character until the cost is settled.
– Bound credits and bound iron coins CAN be used to pay for auctions.
– HELP AUCTIONS and HELP AUCTIONHOUSE both have additional details.

– Bids are final, and we will generally not reverse mistakes. If something is not clear about an item, you are welcome to ask me for more details prior to bidding. Please be absolutely sure before placing a bid.

Without further ado, here are the listings that are going alive. You will also now be able to see information on the lots using AUCTION INFO once they’re up.

A prayer mat
* With the prayer mat, using the BESEECH ability (AB RESEARCH DIVINITY) will give you a 3 day blessing, instead of a 1 day blessing. Only works for the owner.

A libation goblin contract
* This contract will provide you with a Goblin servant to bring you a drink at regular intervals (once per hour).
* Will also sell a variety of drinks that anyone can purchase, in addition to the free drink he brings you.
* The Goblin may also be summoned early for a cost of 1000 gold at any time using ENFORCE CONTRACT.
* Has an abrasive attitude, probably the fault of its previous master.

A suit of silver dragonscale armour
* This armour will never decay and can be worn by any class.
* Its stats will adjust automatically based on the class wearing it.
* It comes with 10 armour resistance in the element of the owner’s choice (chosen at the point of purchase).

Albedi housing plot
* Grants a house somewhere in Albedos, which is normally not allowed.
* Includes the initial room, plus four additional rooms.
* Pricing of extra additions to the house works per normal commands (HELP CASTLE COMMANDS). Delve will count as city prices. Helba town, Cragfoot village and Hatshero village will be village prices. Anything else wilderness.
* These are still subject to normal lore considerations for a house and its placement and certain places like Dramlai Fort, the Pious Wards, and so on will remain off limits. Inquire if you’re unsure about your location!

Prayer book
* Will allow you to resurrect someone once per Aetolian day (4 hours), as long as you are in the same area as they died. Only works upon mutual allies as this is an instant revive without an agreement from the victim. Does not require the victim’s corpse, and will work on undead, living or vampires/akkari.
* Does not work on hardcore characters.
* Syntax is READ PRAYERS TO so be sure you’re literate.

A quicksilver mirror (NEW)
* Once per Aetolian day (4 hours) you can PEER MIRROR to view them as if peering into a yellow eye.
* For the next 30 seconds, you can keep PEERing into the mirror to view the same target again each time you recover balance.

A stony statuette of Incarnate Earth (NEW)
* Raising this statue will create a destroyable pillar in the room with you for a balance cost.
* Five seconds later, chains will snake forth from the pillar and bind any unprotected player (except yourself) in the room, preventing almost all movement until the pillar is destroyed.
* Usage of this artifact has a two hour cooldown.

A box of winter’s embrace (NEW)
* OPEN this box to release a destroyable snowball in the room with you for a balance cost.
* Five seconds later, the snowball will roll away in a random unblocked direction for up to ten rooms, carrying any unprotected player (except yourself) from its starting room with it and depositing them in the final location.
* Destroying the snowball will prevent this from happening if done soon enough.
* Usage of this artifact has a two hour cooldown.
* Note: Those bound by the Ivoln statue pillar chains cannot be moved by this either.

Relic token
* Redeem this token and claim any fully completed relic of your choosing.
* Retired relics such as venom rags are not available!
* Ask in advance if you aren’t sure.

Custom wings token
* A custom set of wings (or alternative worn item) with a custom command word, and a custom portal room.
* The item and the portal room must be appropriate to Aetolia’s lore and setting.
* Room exits are subject to approval and generally must be in normal locations, and cannot be in cities.
* Same restrictions on use as the wings or caves artifacts.

Customisable banner of dominance
* Works just like the normal banner of dominance, but you can customise the corpse it leaves behind.
* Corpse still needs to involve mention of a banner.

Compendium page bundle
* The winner of this token can exchange it for 5 compendium pages for the area of their choice.
* Area must already be part of available compendium options.

Custom vox
* The winner of this auction will be able to work with the admin team to design a custom vox iterator for themselves.
* Subject to approval and must be setting / lore appropriate, and include your name.

Routine manual
* Allows you to create your own custom predefined emote.
* You can also choose who is allowed to use it (e.g. yourself only, allies, a certain race, a certain org).
* Subject to approval and must be setting / lore appropriate.

A class unlock token
* Fully unlocks a chosen class of your choosing.
* You’ll get the class at tri-trans, and the class slot required for it if needed.
* Classes are still locked to tethers, so unlocking an opposite tether class won’t allow you to play it on your tether.
* No you can’t use it to obtain a level 200 class…

Salvage bundle
* The winner of this auction will receive 5 pieces of antiquated artifact salvage (see HELP ANTIQUATED ARTIFACTS).
* These pieces will bear your mark and thus can be exchanged for the initial artifact.

Artifact pet token
* Entitles the owner to a customised pet package as outlined in HELP PETS, with a twist!
* The twist is: we’ll do the writing for you! Work with the design team to have your pet idea written by us, including its reactions.
* This includes add-ons 1-4, and 10 reactions.

Relic piece token
* Redeem this token for any relic piece
* Artifact moulds are not included in this as an option anymore.

Hunter’s bundle
* The winner of this bundle will receive a level 3 hunting artifact for a class of their choice, and a level 3 stat artifact of their choice.
* Level 200 classes are not available for this.

Esterport shop
* An auction for the shop location at v3683.
* This is a more permanent shop, not a lease-shop.
* However it is subject to Esterport taxes and failure to pay the taxes will result in the shop being seized for resale.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 22nd of Celes, in the year 0 AC.