May in Aetolia

Hi folks!

2023 is moving right along into May, and that means Year 510 will soon be upon us! Keep your eyes open for several posts in the next couple of days outlining our itinerary for the celebrations!

In the meantime, Cryptic Chests are returning to the website ( under ‘artifact packages’ for May!

Opening a chest will award one or more prizes from a wide selection as outlined below.

Every 500 Cryptic Chests opened will trigger a global prize where one of the next 50 to be opened will contain a bonus of 500 credits on top of the other prizes!

Here’s what you might find inside:

– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, fireworks, customisation certificates, iron coins, morphic metal, ambience tokens, style points* and a low chance at salvage.

* Style points are a new currency that can be spent in a new shop located IN from the Bridge to Esterport (v1180). This shop has almost every promotional technique scroll available at a cost of 1 style point. We’re trying this out to make style acquisition more deterministic!

– Credit prizes ranging from 18 – 250.

– Various artifacts valued between 50 and 2000 credits.

– Minipets from a selection of: a brightly glowing finch, a juvenile meerkat, a hopping one-footed pigeon, a floating meteorite, a winged piglet, and a thrashing mass of vines.

– Coffers with pieces for the following relics: mistjar, stormhorn, stalking, whispering, mandibles, ilmenitebracer, and sensebacklash.

– Compendium pages for: Tcanna, Spiral of the Corrupt, Ayhesa, Arbothia, the Basilisk Lair, the forgotten Mausoleum, and Welto Trench

In addition to these, you will always receive a filler prize (grimstim pills, various consumables, omnipotence pills, etc). These do not count towards your chest’s value.

You can also find a chest in the milestone shop for May – 1 gold key as always!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 9th of Lleian, in the year 509 MA.