Keg Race tweaks

Hi folks,

Ahead of the Keg Race, I’ve made some adjustments to make it a little less snowball-y. From my experience with observing past races, those that get an early lead tend to maintain it throughout the entire course and get further and further ahead from the rest. These changes are designed to hopefully bring about a fairer race.

– CHUG KEG’s cooldown scaling has been reversed. Instead of a longer cooldown the less drunk you are, the cooldown is now higher the more drunk you are.

– You can now only hold one powerup at a time.
* Doing a CHUG KEG while already holding a powerup will overwrite your last one.
* Previously you could hold all the powerups at once, allowing the leader(s) to hold them in reserve and blow them all when someone catches up.

– I’ve adjusted the powerups you can get to be more based on your placing in the match. This already existed to a degree, but I’ve fine-tuned it. In particular, you can expect that the race leaders will no longer get the abilities of KEG SLIDE and KEG ROLL, preventing them from getting even further ahead.

– KEG VOMIT is no longer in the list of powerups. It was essentially a worse version of KEG HURL and I don’t think both needed to exist.

– KEG HURL’s stun duration is no longer a flat 10 seconds. 10 seconds is too long to be sitting doing nothing. Instead, it will stun for 2-4 seconds based on the caster’s drunk level (drunker = longer). The target hit by the ability will also now sober up slightly, reducing their speed.

– There is now a 1 second cooldown on SIP KEG.

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 13th of Lanosian, in the year 508 MA.