Happy New Year! January in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

Happy New Year to all and welcome to January! We’re saying goodbye to stockings (though your platinums should all now be full – enjoy!), and welcoming back cryptic chests!

Chests can be obtained on the Aetolia website (www.aetolia.com/credits), and opening one will award one or more prizes from a wide selection as outlined below.

Every 500 Cryptic Chests opened will trigger a global prize where one of the next 50 to be opened will contain a bonus of 500 credits on top of the other prizes!

Here’s what you might find inside:

– Chocolate bags, elemental globes, fireworks, customisation certificates, iron coins, and a low chance at salvage.

– Credit prizes ranging from 15 – 250.

– Various artifacts valued between 50 and 2000 credits.

– Several new minipets: a smelly baby skrell, a spawn of Khtapssos, a fledgling war spider, a tiny Underbelly parasite, an irradiated phoenix hatchling, and a diminutive swamp miscreation

– Coffers with pieces for the [0;1;37mcrystal[0;37m set, these trade in for 30 credits per piece! Available options are: crystal_bullhorn, crystal_tortoise, crystal_pike, crystal_mirror, crystal_tome, crystal_illusion, crystal_singularity, crystal_gem, crystal_deathgem and crystal_cluster.

– Scrolls for the following new styles: GAMBLER, GORY, RITUALISTIC.

– Compendium pages for: Maestral Shoals, Maestral Reef, the Liruma Crater, the Underbelly, the Statue of Varian, Clawhook, and the Mannaseh Swamp.

In addition to these, you will always receive a filler prize (grimstim pills, various consumables, omnipotence pills, etc). These do not count towards your chest’s value.


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 14th of Ios, in the year 507 MA.
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