Flintmas dungeon!

Hey folks,

Flintbeard has declared it’s now the period of Flintmas (at least for this season), and who am I to argue with him?

I’m pleased to announce a new 3-player holiday dungeon: Flintbeard’s Lair (Flintmas version). This is a dramatic twist on the original Flintbeard’s Lair, in which the story is told from the Malignant Dwarf’s point-of-view and Ironbeard is the wicked villain. Is this the real truth behind Ironbeard…? Probably not, but you be the judge!

The entrance can be found at v74620, but note: You will need to have completed Flintbeard’s Lair to be able to enter!

Luckily, Flintbeard’s Lair (normal) is also back until the 15th of December, so make sure you complete it before then. The normal version can be entered from v18093. From the 16th onwards, Flintbeard’s Lair (normal) will be replaced by Flintbeard’s Backyard. The Backyard also requires you to have completed the normal Lair, so there’s even more reason to not miss out completing it!

Completing the Flintmas version of the Lair will award you a giftbag each (you can only get this reward once per Howling, but you can do both this and the normal Lair to get two per howling), a new fame, and autographs which can be spent at Gilbert’s shop.

Additionally, Gilbert Ratsmoke’s shop has been updated with some new wares that can only be purchased by those who complete the new Flintmas dungeon.

This new version of Flintbeard’s Lair will be open for the entire month. Big thanks to Watson for putting it together!

In short, dungeon availability schedule is:
1st-31st Flintbeard’s Lair (Flintmas version)*
1st-15th Flintbeard’s Lair (normal)
16th-31st Flintbeard’s Backyard*

*Requires Flintbeard’s Lair (normal) completion to access.


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 18th of Slyphian, in the year 0 AC.