Conclave Report: Monomachy

Preface: Based on the importance of historical recollection and the supreme likelihood of total continental annihilation, I have provided a copy of this report to the Grand Library in hopes that their ability to preserve information will persist.

To the esteemed Dhasan of Science and Nature,

I write this report having undertaken an extremely lengthy and unplanned sojourn in what I now recognise to be the Atlatl Plantation. Prior to this excursion I was conducting a routine field research exercise in the northern tundra following the recent Glacian phenomena (I will note that said expedition had thus far proven extremely unproductive, and I advise the Conclave to seek further information from a primary source such as the Regent).

During a period of rest in Nuunva, a series of cosmic phenomena appeared to commence following the disturbances over the last several weeks. As much as I would like to recall in exacting detail what I saw, the cosmological unrest prevented me from doing so. While earnestly gazing at the stars in an effort to unravel the goings on, I found myself unceremoniously wrested from my position in the north and cast through space elsewhere in a manner similar to numerological direcalls (I would like to also take a moment to express my chagrin for the proprietor of the Red Lion and advise that he examine the quality of his monolith sigils prior to offering them for sale. Proof of purchase is available upon request should a refund be forthcoming).

This occurred no less than eight times, each somehow more turbulent than the last. Consequently, much of my time spent on examination was wasted in the effort of pointless wandering through long grass — an endeavour from which I have only now been able to extricate myself. As such, save for one moment of transcendental revelation in which I was able to observe the spheres in harmony, likely the reassertion of normalcy by the divine Odravh, my findings on the cosmological event are slim. What I have observed however is no doubt similar to your own observations: duelling divines and significant upheaval in daily activities.

I counsel acceleration of our various projects while there is still a reality to study.

Jayne Cardinalis, War of Night refugee formerly of Mrenadh.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 1st of Arios, in the year 511 MA.